Saturday, February 20, 2010

Take your Vital Signs at Microsoft

My friend Barbara Duck (of The Medical Quack) would be happy to hear that I found some IT medical gear while in Redmond with Microsoft. As I was in between meetings going from Building 113 to Building 92 I came across one of the Health/Lifestyle room’s setup for MS staff.

Not hugely innovative, or unique to MS, it was still nice to see touch technology in the wild and in use in this environment. Both machines can take your Vital Signs and both designed to feedback your state of health. You can sit on and stick your arm in both machines; the white one primarily designed around diabetes identification and prevention, and the second for blood pressure.

Touch computing focused on Diabetes

Both come with a nice array of disclaimers ensuring people that these provide good guidance, but never designed to replace your GP. You need to visit each device often and take an average of your results to get the highest level of accuracy, so ultimately the results are based on your efforts too.

I like how the white one had built-in sensors on the handgrips and how both offered touchscreen technologies to avoid the use of keyboards and increase the amount of personal (self-serve) health!

Blood pressure machine with touchscreen


HG said...

Hugo when you meet up with the Tablet Team. Ask them to improve IE browser for use with Tablets. What I mean about that is when you put your Tablet in Portrait mode, you always have to move left and right to read the article your reading. Example I have the Archos5 and when I put the A5 in portrait mode the page renders to fit in the same line to read what I was reading. This would really great to have in IE browser. See what you can do and put in a request for all of us Tablet users.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey HG!

I'm in the back of a Taxi headed home after 7 days in America and Canada too. Your comment is spot on and relates heavily to what we've talking to Microsoft about (and beating them up about). I know it stems from the seamless UI that Apple have created, and rightly so, hat off to them. Microsoft is aware o the need to have Mobile-specific UI and all I can say (after signing my life away with NDAs) is that your concerns arebeing heard! I past them on mate straight to the source!


HG said...

Thanks Hugo for the update and glad that at least we might see this happen. This would make using a Tablet or a Netvertible with a browser a better experience, which is what most do and would greatly improve the tablet experience for using Windows 7. Too funny you had to sign your life away with those good old NDA's. Soon you can let us know when the time is right. Have a good trip back home.

Hugo Ortega said...

You're welcome mate! Even though I am submersed in NDAs I can still allude to things. ;-)

Keep watching!

Slate PC accessories said...

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Hugo Ortega said...

Will do mate! Soon enough once iPad is released.