Sunday, February 14, 2010

Headed to America

What better way to begin this journey than throw up a new post from the back of the taxi headed to the airport. That about sums up my life, my destination and the mobile ecosystem I have created. I am in the back of a Sydney cab (man they drive badly) while headed to the the International Airport. First stop is Los Angeles, where I have meetings with several folks including the President of TabletKiosk, and then onto Seattle to sit in the Redmond Campus (Microsoft HQ) and hopefully do some soul searching - for some Tablet action!

I have been blessed with being awarded the Microsoft MVP award for four years in a row now and this is my third time on the Microsoft Campus for the MVP Summit held annually. The first time I visited Microsoft was awesome and for anyone that has devoted as much energy as I have to Microsoft related technologies these visits almost like a home-coming. It is fun being in the little city that is Microsoft, having acess to the hundreds of buildings, the company store and more. What is most exciting however is rubbing shoulders with the people that write the programs we use daily. I sit mostly with the Tablet PC Team and that is fun. This year I look forward to sitting with the Surface Team too.

Regarding my travel gear it's not very different to what I wrote about last week (or so) ago but ultimately there is one item I wanted to share with you as my best travel weapon...a power-board! HAHAHA! Apart from my Fujitsu T5010, a Viliv X70, 2x iPhones (one for AU SIM and one unlocked for USA SIM) and other bits, it's this item which means the most. Why anyone would look for enough converters, and enough sockets in a hotel room to charge everything geeks take overseas is beyond me. Just take a power-board along! LOL

I will be flying on the Qantas A380 (Business Class thanks to a crap-load of dusty points I just used up) so hopefully next time I speak to you all I will be well fed, well rested and caught up on all my favourite episodes of Grand Designs!!!


Zeux said...

When you see the guys at TabletKiosk please ask them to lower their prices or figure out some kind of way to offer a device on the lower-price end of the market. They have interesting products, but great scott, their pricing is ridiculous. The cost for their netbook architecture slate seems to make it absolutely unsellable. Wishful thinking I know. Unjustified? Maybe; I know that they are a business and have to meet their bottom line. I just don;t see how they are selling many units at their prices.
- Vr/Z..>>

Hugo Ortega said...

That's a great bit of feedback mate and I promise I will bring it up while at lunch with Martin. I've provided lots of feedback and bridged many gaps over the years. Your comment reminds me just why I blog!

SL said...

Why IE Hugo? Why not some other browser like Firefox or Chrome? (I'm more partial to firefox)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey SL...not sure! Just the fact that I never needed any more function that what IE provides. I never got into the browser war.

Nice to hear from you!

hgomez78 said...

Welcome to California Hugo, where the Weather is the best. :) Yeah see what you can get out of the TabletKiosk folks and see what they have in the future as a really nice Tablet form factor. Also like Zeux said, have them lower the prices. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi hgomez78,

California is great. I spent to a day at Manhattan Beach watching the waves! It was So bizarre as that day I was in a T-shirt on bead soaking up the rays!! Next day I was in Vancouver in the snow!! Less than 24hrs!

TK is well aware of your concern (and Zeux's). I promise. And I can report that everyone in the industry is woking to meet everyone's expectations. Keep tuned to TK...more exciting things soon!

Great comment and thanks.