Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blogging from my OQO 02

So most of you wat to knowwhat it is like to live in a 5" world. today, thanks to my new OQO 02 and my Dopod 838 pro I a tell you. As you know I am at CeBIT Australia blogging Officially and as attending as Guest Speaker. Now that I have completed my talk I have a moment to sit dow, drink some water a publish a post.

So what's a 5" world look like? It actually is very very mobile to say the least. To give give you and example here is how I used my OQO today:

  • I logged in at 7am and checked my emails. 32 came in and I answered 3 (I'll do the rest later)
  • I arrived at CeBIT, picked up my Speakers Badge, checked my emails ans replied to another 6 emails.
  • I went and Video interviewed some attendees for the CeBIT Blog and logged back into check my emails.
  • Sat down for 5 minutes and read some GottaBeMobile, some JKonTheRun and some Sydney Morning Herald.
  • Got pinged online by several friends and readers - and I actually answered while walking around.
  • Wnt to lunch and had a wine to calm the nerves before my talk - logged to the internt during lunch to show my friend the MVP of the Month thing.
  • Went on stage at 1:45pm and sat with the OQO in my hands as I was being introduced, looking over my PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Finished my talk and answered two emails, while on stage, and waited for the last of the three Speakers to wrap up.
  • Came ack to BloggerZone, pulled up a beanbag and blogged this!

So is life productive at 5"? you decide.


Sean Tan said...

The OQO looks so much smaller (and cooler) than in the pictures! I want one.... well, who doesn't? :D

You are one busy guy. Just reading it makes me feel busy!

Alex said...

Hugo, I like the new blog format, especially the header! Can you compare the OQO to the Q1 you used to use? Specifically the form factor and how this day may have been different with the Q1?

Nick Randolph said...

Hugo, great to see that you are still enthusiastic about the device. Whilst I agree with Sean that most geeks out there would kill to get hold of one of these devices, I'm really curious as to what real benefit this device has over my K-Jam (admittedly it would be nicer if it were running WM6). All the thing you mention I can happily do on my Windows Mobile device which cost me a fraction of the $3500 retail price for this device. Plus I get multiple days battery life, it fits in my pocket, I can make calls on it (and if I were to upgrade to the JAQ4 I could even work out where I am as it has a GPS unit!).

I don't want to sound like I'm bagging the device out but common man, really sell me that device! Why should I invest (and you know I would ;-) in an OQO O2? Why will my life be incomplete without one?

Al Iverson said...

Great post! This makes me want an OQO even more.

scott said...


Love the blog, but I have to agree with Nick (above). I posted the same basic question a few days ago on JKontherun. I still cant find a reason this would be truly beneficial over the 6700. I know there are some benefits but your blog from today is a perfect example where everything you did would have worked out the same and saved you thousands of dollars. Like Nick, I would love to be convinced why I need this...please enlighten me....

Matthew said...

I want to just add a comment here for all you readers. Hugo is a dynamic speaker and had time for a little nobody like me at the conferance where he spoke today.

Hugo was my favorite speaker and got me so excited about blogging that I spent some time creating my own today.

You are all blessed to have him spend time with you all.

jkOTR said...

Hey mate, from the spelling in your post I'll bet you used the keyboard and not ink to write this post, right?From someone who used the first 5" ultra-portable as my only computer for a year and a half, if you want to chat about that just give me a buzz. Congrats, super MVP.:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, pretty neat!

Your "e" key seems to be kinda stuck sometimes :P

Hugo Ortega said...


LOL. They make geeks drool don't they mate! Big difference from Gen 1 UMPC.

Don't get tired - I'm not! I'm having the time of my life!!!


Hi Alex! Great to hear that you like the new format of the Blog, i.e. the aesthetics. It was something I dreamt one night.

Great comment regarding the comparison. My plan was to leave this for a great idea.

@Nick Randolph:

Hi Nick! YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING MATE! To compare the OQO 02 to a phone is a compliment to the OQO! Not only is it like comparing an Apple to a bloddy Pear, but in this case you may as well have compared an Apple to a Shoe!

The OQO 02 "IS" a Pocket PC. WM6 wishes it was a Pocket PC. Franky I can tell you that in my opinion my phone is a pain in the rear to try and "actually" work with. Not only is the screen too small, but having said that, the screen is too small! It is not "rich" either. By rich I mean for the Cleint Side interaction. I KNOW I could have done everything I blogged about on a phone - but with less ease and more inconvenience.

I will post more thoughts on this soon but at this point I thought your comment only highlighted how good UMPC are actually becoming. If 'mobile guys" like you are finally paying attention to real mobility then this is really cool!

Admittedly I like all the richness my OQO provides and I cannot see how a phone will give me that. Copy/Paste, PowerPoint, Edit Video and Photos, YouTube, (GPS too) and more. I know you would like to convince me that your phone does all that but I am afraid I am not listening. LOL. I must be too passionate mate.

@Al Iverson:


BTW, do you play basketball? LOL.


Hi Scott. I saw your comment on JK and your comment on GottaBeMobile. It seems that like Nick you are passionate about your phone and I think that is great. All I can suggest is that I am not here to convince anyone except myself. I like what I can do on my OQO and I hate what I can't do on my Dopod 838 pro. My Dopod rocks...don't get me wrong. But as I walked around CeBIT and replied to email, added attachments (adited them, ripped PDFs and finished off my presentation on PowerPoint) I must admit that I did not reach for my phone once...or even look at it with longing eyes.

I like that you and Nick are comparing the OQO to your phones as it only means that Ultra Mobile PCs are actually being viewed as truly mobile.

Great comment.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Matthew,

WOW - thank you for the comment. I did not expet anyone at the talk to come over to my blog and actually participate; although I did belive it was possible. ;-)

Thank you so much for your comment. I am humbled by it and truly appreciate you taking the time to write it.

I HAD SOOOOOO MUCH FUN ON STAGE. I am a bit unique in that Public Speaking is right in the heart of my Confort Zone - it's actually one-on-ones I loath. LOL.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi James Kendrick!

Thanks for the comment and for your support. WRT to your comment you're right. It was all thumns baby. The main reason for this is that I wrote it over the space of an hour an inbetween shooting Vlogs for CeBIT. This shows how versatile the device actually makes you.

Did you really go 5" for a year and a half. You're crazy. What device was it?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous!

LOL. The "e" key was not as stuck as my "thumbs" by the end of the day. LOL.

Anonymous said...


I really dont "love" my phone, just trying to figure out if I would get much benefit from a device like this. I agree the screen on 6700 is too small for anything real, however, I feel as if anything smaller than my p1610 would probably be too small. Anyway, keep up the great work, It is very helpful for those of us looking for the perfect mobile world

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

I guess we are all trying to do the same. For me however I can't see how the two can be compared as they share almost nothing in common other than "mobility" as a keyword. I understand you point of view and am battling to prove to myself the merit - let alone all of you guys.

I'll keep ding what I'm doing and we'll see where we meet. :-)

Elo said...

Great comments in this post!

Yeah, me too I keep looking at the OQO2 and thinking phone. This is exactly why I am dying to see the HTC Shift in action. A SIM slot is integrated so that you can have that mini laptop, UMPC and phone all on windows Vista platform with a crisp and vibrant screen.

I bought a Dopod 838 Pro too because I can`t live without a pocket PC but what I`m really waiting for is the integration of the Shift. I definitely like what I see coming in the next two years.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Elo,

I can tell you're hungry to make The Shift. Becareful however, you know what happens when we all build expectations too high!

I hope your expectations are met as The Shift will be transformational. (PS. These commetns are great aren't they.)

Anonymous said...

G'day Hugo,
As we discussed elsewhere the challenge of having a fragmented supplier base for the UMPC act in a concerted way is real. Just as real is the 'white anting' (eg Endgadget) from within the industry. Guess in the end it will as usual be the media that decide. Do u have any 'gigs' lined up? If so u have my email address.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi noel,

I am afraid you lost me on a lot of that last comment??????

Anonymous said...

Eeesh, I need to talk work into buying me an "eval" of an OQO so I can test it out for the department. :)

Oh hey, my boss asked me "What do you think of Tablets" yesterday. I immediately pointed him to the Uber Tablet Blog as well as JKontherun. I'm going to try hard to convince him to try out a few tablets in MIS.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Gordon - this is a letter to your boss:

Dear Mr.Boss,

A Tablet PC is an amazing device designed to inspire and increase the productivity of those who wield it. Without using one it may seem unassuming, after using one however one can expect moments of bliss and excitement not felt often during daylight hours.

Should your organization wish to pursue the exploration of Tablet PCs then Bloggers like myself, JK and GottaBe will be available over a 24 hr period (almost) and look at providing you the best support possible.

Be careful however as Tablet PC have been known to make sensible men, one-eyed men. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo,
Sleek, integrated, intuitive -and that's just the 'ad' for the N95! Far above the usual IT effort. "Rush into Harvey Norman u p brains and buy one of our computers running @ 3.6 Gig blah, blah" -wake me when its over.
Of course the UMPC industry will seek to counter with the image 'Bold, Powerful, above all else CLEVER'. Not wishing to be obscure but whatever marketing strategy plays out, it itself will need to be all those things (and more) would u not think?

Harry said...

If I had the OQO, I'd get it with the Sprint EVDO and then add a second line for $9 and get a little flip phone for when I needed to make mobile phone calls.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo,
9:11am – read an interview, in the Virgin Blue Magazine, of Toshiba General Manager Mark Whitttard. Quote: “I think eventually the keyboard will disappear and forms of input will be handwriting and voice.
Interesting comment but if voice isn't working on dual core pentiums why would it on 'lesser specs' UMPC?

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