Friday, May 11, 2007

Life at 5" feeling pretty good

I know it has been a while between posts but I have been overwhelmed with work commitments, family commitments, fun commitments, and to top it off the migration of my life onto the OQO 02 took a bigger toll than I initially expected.

So without delay it is my absolute pleasure to announce that I am 100% fulltime OQO-ing! As this picture might suggest I have solved the screen size issue, I have found several preferred input methods and my Internet connectivity is near perfect.

23" running Outlook and Blog,

5" runnning OneNote and Messenger

Here is what I am running on the OQO currently:

  • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (manual installation as I had bought the XP Pro version
  • Office 2007 Ultimate Edition (I love that name)
  • MYOB v.12 (Accounting Software)Adobe Photoshop 8.0 with Image Ready
  • Castblaster
  • and several other mandatory apps

I plan to install:

  • Cyberlink PowerDirector
  • Tablet Enhancements for Outlook
  • Minjet Mind Manager
  • And more

It feels like I have turned a corner in my mobility and it might be really hard to turn back. Today I answered emails while watching my son at Swimming Training - not impressive to some of you I know - but I also caught up on some YouTube, I finished of a PowerPoint Presentation for tomorrow, and, I reviewed and amended a Pricelist using Excel.

Let me know your questions I will do what I can to answer them via video, photos and text throughout the next few weeks. Tomorrow I am on a plane to Melbourne for the day and plan to give my new Mr. Mobility persona a good run for its money. With my Dopod 838pro (in my left blazer pocket) and my OQO 02 Best (in my right blazer pocket) mobility has never been so literal.


neil balthaser said...

Nice job Hugo. I have my Vista Best version in queue and am anxiously awaiting. I plan to move (hopefully) from my Q1p to the OQO as my desktop replacement. I have two questions for you:

1. How is the pen input/text recognition on it?

2. How is the fan noise? Do you find that you have to dial up the performance and hence the fan in order to get acceptable performance. One thing I really like about the Q1 is how quiet it is, especially on etiquette mode.

Great job again and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hugo nice setup with the OQO. I still have my Q1P and also use a 20" screen, and what I did is got the Logitech DiNovo Bluetooth keyboard and mouse so when I hook up good old Q1P you don't see nothing but keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Hugo so does this mean you wont go back to using 7" screen UMPC's? I would like to hear what you think of the OQO the Pro's and the Con's. I'm also ready to get another mobile computer and was thinking of the New Q1U that's coming out but was also thinking of the OQO for mobility it would great. Also now that I have been using Vista I don't think I would like to go back to XP Tablet, just me, so far Vista with the Q1P its worked great and now that I have the HID driver installed its even better; which now I can ink in Word, Outlook, etc... Well keep us to inform on your experience with the OQO and we will be waiting for those VLOGS.


chapmanbobby said...

Hugo's movein' on to the 5" life, I moved into the 7". I finally got my Samsung Q1.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hugo,

Like your blog, very entertaining and informative.

I thought there was a OQO 02 hugo special video blog arriving on the 10th?
I've checked here and gottabemoible, was i wrong?


Thiago said...

Hello Hugo. I've been reading your blog for the past month or so, and I really like your work. I was just about to get an OQO model 02 myself, however I just stumbled upon this Sony Vaio UX390N (VGN-UX390N). The full specs are available at Sony's website.

I know it's kind of a big deal for you that it doesn't have a VIA processor, but which one would you pick now? My biggest concern right now is the ability to run Windows Vista, and because OQO 02 doesn't support Aero, that makes me wonder if it's acceptable for the other features.

Greetings from Brazil and TIA!

Elo said...

Great Setup!

I am more convinced than ever that I could make the shift too... but now I am too fond of my Tablet.A setup like this one is great though and I am thinking about setting one as soon as HTC releases what we all want to see. (if only it could have an active digitizer... I would never look back) As for inking in the 5", I guess its something that has to be tried.

A monitor at work, one at the office and we have a serious mobile setup. I admit you are winning me over the UMPC, Hugo!

Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hugo, I'm definitely considering the OQO. I just wanted to know: Does the fan noise bother you? I read a lot and would use the OQO for late night reading. How loud is it? Is it going to drive me crazy?

Hugo Ortega said...

@neil balthaser
Hi Neil,
Great questions. WRT the pen I am finding it exceptional. Because it is a Wacom based Active Digitizer the pen experience is awesome. Regrettably I have turned off the scroll features on the screen as I am right handed and every time I write I trigger them with my palm. OQO should have thought of this for Pen users and placed them on the top right or top left corner.
WRT the fan noise I can tell you that is does like to be heard. My wife likens it to a Barbie doll’s hair dryer, but sitting here on the plan I must admit I can’t hear it at all. LOL.
Great comment, I can’t wait to hear more from you.

Hi Hector,
Like you and Neil I have come from a Q1 also. Truth be told I have come from 12” slate, to 12” convertible, to i7210 (7”), to Q1 (7”), to Q1P (7”) to OQO 02 (5”). If you need to know how I am finding it right now then you should probably picture the day your first Tablet arrived and how much you were like a little kid. This is the anxiety, enjoyment and enthusiasm I am feeling now. Without disclosing too much I can honestly say that I am far more mobile than I was with any other UMPC.
Stay tuned for the vlog – it will be a good one.
Hi Bobby…remember this… “I will always be one step ahead” It’s for your own good. LOL.
Great work!

blogged from my OQO 02. More responses soon.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

thank you for the polite reminder. i have been delayed as the migration processs was more taxing than first expected.

The video will come in the next few days...and will be special!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Thiago,

Great question. firstly let me thank you for following me blog, and secondly let me tell you that both are great devices.

you need to know up front that VIA does not pay me to be bias, it's just that I prefer the OQO 02 to the Sony. Given the choice I would alway chose the OQO for one reason, the Active Digitizer. this provides the best pen experience possible and makes the OQO a lovely Tablet replacement.

The sony is thicker, heavier and does not have very good pen features (as it has a very lightweight touchscreen).

If you can, try them both and you tell me what you prefer. I think they will perform similarly. Granted glass is cool but most people I know turn it off to conserve battery anyway.

great question. Chau Amigo.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Elo,

Between you and I mate this setup rocks. I have completed a lot of work today (on the fly) and am looking forward to getting back to my desk. Inking at 5" is best at the native 800 x 480 and it work well enough. I am testing it heavily so I can monitor how well it actually works.

This post and all other comments comes courtesy of the OQO. I am in the airport lounge right now typing this on the OQO!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

All I can say is that everybodies threshold is different. It does not bother me as on most occassions the audible noise around me is louder. it does hum but there is a setting to adjust it if it really bothers you. Just remember if you do turn the fan down you also slow down the processor but for reading at night this would not effect the usage much at all.

i will try and get the noise on video soo you can tell me what you think. Great comment.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Harry,

great comment - if you live in America. In Australia EVDO is being turned off soon!

Paul Ricketts said...

Hi Hugo

great job with the article. I'm interested in learning more about how you work away from your desk, i.e. how the screen size work, how you manage documents, spreadsheets etc.

Also, is OQO going to release the bundled accessory packs, e.g. the executive or field packs to the Australian market?


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Paul,

So far it is going really well. I love the new found mobility but most of all enjoy the the practicality of the slide out keyboard and joystick. It means that I can read spread sheets and can do some fun stuff like zoom in and zoom out - so life at 5" is just dandy thanks for asking. :-)

As far as Australia goes it's all available here: Tegatech Australia

Kenrick said...

Hi Hugo,

I remembered that you disabled your touch scrollers because of the problem hitting them while inking. You might try this program I hacked up to auto disable/enable them when the pen is detected hovering:

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