Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My first InkShow on GottaBeMobile.com

G'Day from Downunder! My name is Hugo Ortega and yes, I am an Aussie! It is with great pleasure and much enthusiasm that I join the GottaBeMobile Team and provide you with this - my first GBM InkShow.

When faced with the challenge of picking my first topic I couldn't resist the opportunity to showcase my latest UMPC, i.e. the OQO 02. Since unboxing my “shiny” new OQO two-weeks ago I felt the time was right to Vlog my thoughts. This device has captured the imagination of many and had lots of us salivating since its unveiling at CES 2007. As you can imagine I was somewhat excited to receive it and after spending the last 16 days with it as my fulltime machine I felt compelled to break my silence.

In this video I cover the following topics:

  • The Pen Experience (including a look at inking in OneNote 2007 and using the TIP)
  • I do a brief UMPC comparison (side-by-side view of the OQO and 5 other UMPC)
  • We get intimate with the OQO 02 DVD RW Docking Station (including a sneak peak at how I replaced my desktop with this device)
  • And more…

Mobiledemandshot1So if you’re at work make sure your boss isn’t watching (or maybe make sure s/he is). If you’re at home pull up a chair, get comfy and grab some popcorn. The next 40 minutes are designed to inform, enlighten and most of all entertain!

The Model in the video is the one OQO terms the OQO 02 -Best with Windows XP Professional. I performed my own manual upgrade (not a clean install as my device did not like that) to Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and bought the additional pen to utilize the included Active Digitizer screen supplied in the 02.


[Ashamedly I forgot to mention battery life in the video: “on the std. 3 cell I am getting a pinch under 2hrs, and on the 900omAh I get a pinch over 4hrs. That’s with “some” Bluetooth and “some” wireless.]

Watch or download the High Res version (47:59 minutes, 367mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)

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Rosta said...

Great Video Hugo!
A lot of good advices to work with small screens.

neil balthaser said...

Hi Hugo - Thank you very much for the video. It helps those of us who are waiting for our OQO's cope. A few questions for you:

1. I did not notice the fan noise during the end multitaking demonstation. Either I had my volume too low or it wasn't actually too loud. How loud was it? Also, what was your fan setting set to?

2. Regarding battery life, what setting are you using and what is your screen brightness set to? Do you know if the OQO uses LED backlighting?

3. Specifically comparing your experience with the OQO 02 and Samsung Q1p, which do you prefer for what tasks?

Thanks again for the excellent video!


Anonymous said...

Gah. It looks AWESOME! But I'm so used to have the power of a buff desktop or desktop replacement style notebook with me that I'd probably be frustrated by the speed of the device trying to keep up with me.

Dave said...

Very nice, Hugo! Your reviews have pushed me closer to buying the OQO (although I'd likely buy the 1.2GHz model)

Al Iverson said...

Good stuff, thanks for sharing! I hope you got the OQO for free, 'cause you're doing a heck of a service for them. It talked me into finally buying one, ordered mine on Saturday!

I already have a Sprint USB modem, so I ordered it with built-in Sprint service and am going to try to move my existing Sprint service to the OQO modem.

Al said...


Hey, I just wanted to say that I was a little worried to about the power of these little devices. However you would be surprised how far technology has come. I have a base model Q1, and I have a pretty powerful notebook. However for running your basic day to do tasks on a smaller device it is not a problem. I have been using my Q1 quite regularly now. I've setup my google "profile" to allow easy one touch access to my favorite websites so I don't have to type them in, I use webmail clients more so than desktop clients at the moment, so that is not an issue. I've gone and installed Office 03, and as I stated basic tasks are not a problem.

I'm writing up a little review of the Q1 with gaming (I hope to get it done soon...) as I will post benchmarks. Right now though the Q1 handled the 3dMark01se benchmark rather well, getting above 30fps without highdetailed settings.

Anyway, my point is Gordon, that I wouldn't worry about these devices trying to keep up with you ;). They have enough power to handle most whatever you throw at them. Especially the Intel based devices.

Hope that helps!

Greg said...

Excellent inkshow and welcome to GottaBeMobile. Besides my trusty ST5020D, I am an Apple user. I was a bit shocked to see you with a Mac monitor. You always say you go with the top of the line equipment, so maybe I should not be shocked. Great work.

Anonymous said...


Ohh...Ohhh I'm eyeing that Q1 Ultra coming out. That car mounting kit they had for the Q1 w/ some mapping software would be a good time. :)

For me though I guess it's finding a niche for it for me. Hugo is always on the go. I'm traditionally in front of my big desktop at work or I have my laptop bag slung over my shoulder with a powerful laptop in it.

Trying to find areas where I travel more or where I want a device with me and a laptop is inconvenient is the tricky part.

Al said...

Hey Gordon. Let me tell you. The Q1 as a Navigation device is really quite nice. I've already tested it out Using Streets and trips 07, and my HOLUX GPSlim 236 (SiRFIII). It worked really well. The big bright screen, and touch capabilities really make it a good navigtional tool. Speakers helped out alot as well. Though Streets and trips 07' is not as intuitive with touch displays as TomTom, or some of those other mapping programs.

I understand what you mean to where trying to find areas where you travel more and having to carry a laptop around. For me being a college student, I have loads of work to do, and playing soccer year round means I am constantly traveling to different places to play games. I went to canada several times over the past couple of months to play, and I wished I'd had my Q1 with GPS then...would've been nice.

But rest assured...if you are worried about a UMPC not being able to handle what you throw at it, then don't think twice, as they are full capable of doing just about anything.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Rosta,

Thank you. I am glad I was able to get the message across.


Hi Neil,

1. THe fan noise is really not as much of a bug bear as many would like to think. I brought it up on purpose as what you heard on the video was about as loud as it gets.

2. I belive the OQO 02 is a backlit LED and I usually set my to 3/4 brightness. I also try and take it down if I am workin in a dark environment and I set the screen to turn off after one minute if i am not suing it. All this adds to the battery life I am getting.

3. The OQO 02 ticks all the boxes for true mobility. The Q1p ticks the best boxes for notebook replacement. To be honest I am struggling with the answer (or better said working through it) and will know more as the weeks tick over. I will get back to you though...and evyone via a VLOG or two.

4. Thanks Neil and hang in there mate. This is one of those devices really worth waiting for.


Hi Gordon,

I still remember reading about your setup and thinking shit...I hope this guy keeps a fire extinguisher under his desk! You rock!


Hi Dave,

As you noticed in the Vid I actually advocate the 1.2GHz. It seems to be really good if you are strapped for cash and still want a true Tablet PC experience in the palm of your hand! Thanks for the comment.


Hi Al,

I belive Samsung, Fujitsu and OQO owe me a lot. Regrettably I have paid for this one but I am a beliver in Karma (is that how you spell it) so what goes around should come around mate. Don't worry about me...I'm happy when you guys are happy!

[Thanks for carrying on the conversation with Gordon!]


Hi Greg,

Have you seen one of these cinema screens by Apple! They rock!!! I couldn't resist. Mu favorite bit is the USB ports at the back of the moitor.

Keep up the great work mate! Apple stuff is cool - pity my G5 dual processor beast sits ideally in my office. Looks good though! LOL.


Hey Gordon! Thanks for continuing the thread with Al...good work Team UberTablet!!!

Al said...

Wow hugo, lots of responses from you! Though I think you got me and Al Iverson confused ;).

No worries though! Glad to hear you're enjoying your Q1. Seeing as how you paid for it, it would be a shame if you wasted all that money only to go back to your Q1P.

Elo said...

That was... fantastic! I made myself a very big latte to sip while watching this... I never touched the latte! I completely forgot to drink because I was so captivated.

I agree, great Apple screen there! I am impressed with the OQO2. It is a bit thick and a bit small but it does seem more than capable for the job. In my opinion it's most attractive feature is the active digitizer.

Right this moment, I could see the OQO2 be my only and preferred device for congress and conferences. It could do everything and make that bridge between my office and my Tablet which I wouldn't have to carry around. I could take notes when I am attending and I could use it for presentations. A perfectly portable mini tablet! Like you, in these settings I wear a suit and it would be great to just have it there in my pocket.

I am tempted myself to get one and use it as another companion to my Tablet. It's a perfect little mobile device. Just imagine if it could have HSDPA...

In truth, I am just waiting to see what the Shift will be able to do. It will also be a phone so...

For now, I think OQO2 definitely can wear the mantle of king of the UMPCs.

Superb VLOG Hugo!

Hugo Ortega said...

Sorry Al, Sorry Al Iverson.

THank you Al, Thank you Al Iverson.

(For the record both of you rock!)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Elo,

THank you for the comment - it is nice to have made such an impact on your night, and your coffee drinking habits! LOL.

I like this device, as you can see, and I am looking forward to doing more with it. I will Vlog about it again and work with your comments to make it more interesting next time.

Cheers mate.

Anonymous said...

Great demo Hugo,
Especially with the outdoor screen brightness. I work out doors in the field all the time and find the Vega screen just OK. The OQO by comparison looks slightly down on the Vega brightness. But the extra 0.7 inchs in screen size would help readability.
Unfortunately I'm from a Pocket PC back ground and "finger pointing" is important to me.
The power of the unit is impressive. How does that translate to battery life ?

Keep up the good work.
Louis in Newcastle

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Louis in Newcastle.

Great to hear from you mate. I hear you when it comes to the screen readability and size thing. You'll note that the video is not titled "how I replaced my desktop with a Vega."

When it comes to finger on PC I am afraid it is not great still so I find that on the OQO I don't miss it.

Thanks for the comment. I'll keep it coming.

Greg said...

I have the 20" from Apple. It is worth ever penny, and they do cost a few pennies!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Greg,

So now I see the logic of your comment. BTW, how good it the 30". You'de almost sell an arm to get one! LOL.

Zanesmurf said...

Fantastic in-depth look at the Mod02. GottaBeMobile will benefit from having Hugo aboard.

I would like to have seen the screen of the Mod02 the entire time, in addition to watching you interface with the device. Perhaps a post-production picture-in-picture type setup in the lower corner; or using the video out connected to that monster display placed for the viewers to see.

-> I intend to ink on the device turned 90` and closed. Can you show that?
-> Does the digitizer lag behind the movement of inking with the pen? How fast / much can a person write before that becomes a problem?
-> What are your thoughts on connecting 2 monitors? I'd like to see 2 monitors connected to the OQO.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Zanesmurf (cool name),

Great comment. I have used PIP before and had lots of fun with it. I will keep this in mind for my next video.

WRT to the pen I am pleased to say that it has no lag and works as pen and paper would. Write till your heart is content and the OQO seems to perform well. Don't let this worry you too much. It seems to have lag under heavy multitasking and mostly associated with the keyboard.

Have fun with the OQO and tell me how you go.

kyone said...

Hey Hugo, I think u got ur ports mixed up. The left port is HDMI the docking/power supply port in the middle and USB on the right.

Also I'm curious why u didn't use the + - zoom keys when changing resolution ?

Finally I think u should consider full size Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.. easier for docking purposes. I'd rather BT everything and do away with docking devices.

I hope to see the 02 in Aus. soon, my 01+ wants a new friend !

scottyb159 said...


As I said over at GBM, great job. I have avery basic question that is applicable to all laptops, but I only now thought about it because of relevance to the OQO. IS there some way to hook up an oqo to a basic tv set to use as a montitor. My reason is that I travel a lot and work in hotel rooms often. It would be great to be able to work on a larger screen when in a hotel room?

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo,

Thanks for such a great video! You do a fantastic job at promoting it. Perhaps you are responsible for the rumoured shipping delays, due to over demand! ;-)

Obviously you're an avid inker, but since you offered, I was wondering if perhaps you or somebody else you know within the fledgling but quickly growing OQO 02 community could do a similar video for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Although I can do the occasional inking, I am much more dependent on speech recognition to get things done.

It would be great to have a reasonably thorough review of the OQO 02's performance.

Thanks again!



Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo,

I noticed during the video that you had problems with the touch scroll feature, and turned it off while you were inking.

Would it be possible to rotate the screen image through 180°, so as to enable the use of the touch scroll feature?

I'm guessing that if you didn't mention it, it probably isn't possible. But just in case, I thought I'd ask anyway.

Cheers for a fantastic video.

D said...


During my few months of faithful viewing I have not seen any comment, comparison, or information on the Sony UX series devices. Any reason for the omission? I own a Q1p and a Sony UX380n. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but my Sony carries a bigger WOW factor. For the UX lovers out there (I know you’re out there somewhere) please let us know.

Danny from Miami

kyone said...

Instead of rotating the screen it would be nice if the scrollers would be disabled when the pen was detected touching the screen.

Also with the 01 and 01+ you could enable the thumb stick to do a mouse click when enabled with a function key (cannot remember which one)

scottyb159 said...


We want more!!!

Thiago said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thiago said...

Agreed with Danny!
Even though I don't own either the OQO 02 or any of the UX series, it would be great to see a side-by-side comparison, as even when you put all those UMPCs on the table, and the Fujitsu tablet, there wasn't a single Sony product. LOL
I guess it's a personal preference, as I couldn't help but notice that there aren't any Sony UMPCs - LOL - even at Tegatech.
I don't mean to be annoying, I'm actually curious now as to why that happens - maybe all of them have a specific flaw that bugs you off, or is it the battery life?
I look forward to hearing fromyou, and some possible deal-breaker about those UMPCs (that is, besides the passive digitizer, which I'm ok with).
Excelent video BTW! I love the way you go deep into each device. Keep up the good work!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Thiago (and Danny),

Personally I have nothing against the little Sony, and for the record, neither does Tegatech. :-)

Also for the record you need to know that it is not in fact a Microsoft inspired Origami device and therefore will not pop up on a lot of these blogs. If you want the best info regarding the Sony why not pop over to my friend's blog, James Kendrick, as he spent over a year with a Sony as his primary device.

I will do what I can to post more on it if I get my hands on one. At this stage I don't own one or have access to one so it becomes a little tricky.

I still remember playing with it and not being very impressed with it bulkiness and poor pen features.

Great comment!

D said...

I'm curious now... Why is it that the Sony UX series is not considered part of the Origamy project when all the features are very similar to the OQO2 and other UMPCs? As a matter of fact, my UX380n has more features than most other UMPCs that have been reviewed! Of course, it all boils down to personnal preference but now my curiosity has been awaken. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

At 11:15 AM, Thiago said...
LOL You didn't really sound disappointed in that post, but I guess I see your point now. I hadn't dug that deep in your blog yet.

I'm pretty sure I don't have to beg you to tell us when you have your hands on one of those - I'm sure we'll hear news from the FedEx Guy just as the box is shipped :D *hint, hint*

As you mentioned James Kendrik, here's a post that might interest you (if you haven't read it yet and, well, it interested me):

Wow! I didn't know I could get a UMPC for so little... Well, not so little after taxes, meh, bit of overshare.

There's something I was curious about regarding the OQO, can you hear or feel its hard drive? Has it ever corrupted any data? That's a concern I've always had about UMPCs, as they tend to shake a lot in our pockets.

Thanks once again!
PS.: Blogger's captcha definitely has something against me.

At 11:18 AM, Thiago said...
Meh, Blogger cut my link in half...

Well, it's the one about a refurbished Sony UX sale at Clearance Club, dated May 15th

Hugo Ortega said...

hi Thiago,

I apologies but I had to repost your comment as by not using "a href" you had buggered up the page. (I fixed it and reposted).

I saw the link and see where you're headed. The good thing about the UX at that price is that it's a lot of value. It is worth pursuing mate. I personally do not like the device but so be it. Each to their own.

WRT the OQO I have not had the HDD die but I take your point. I have been close to droping it several times and would not like to experience that!!! I would recommend using a lot of web based apps, or at least utilize a Network Shared folder at work or home to safe guard your stuff!

Thanks for the comment on sorry about the delete- I have kept the integrety of it.

I will tell you all if the FedEX man is due back soon.

Hugo Ortega said...

hi D!

OK Mr. Curiosity. Truth be told...it is all marketing jargon. UMPC stems from the the Origami Experience, which stemmed from the Tablet PC Edition Software. The Sony did not address the UMPC specs (7" Touch...blah blah blah) and did not ship with the Tablet OS. Truth be told, again, the OQO 02, the Sony and the Raon Digital Vega are all UPPC and really you know what...they are all UMPCs (but not all Origamis).

I hope you are confused, cause I am. If you're not then please explain it to me some day. LOL.

Personally I don't like the weight and lack of function of the Sony. I also don't like that the native resolution is 1024 x 768, which if you have seen one, is unreadable. Having said all that it is funky and well built. Between the two I would alsway go OQO however (mainly becasue I like supporting underdogs! Go team OQO!!!)

Anonymous said...


Any comments to offer yet on someone Vlogging with Dragon NaturallySpeaking?


Hugo Ortega said...

Not yet S!

Sorry dude, with all the requests I get it is tricky getting them all answered. Having said that, this is one I do wnat to address sooner rather than later.

Cheers. Stay tuned.

Steven said...

Hey Hugo,
This is a great video. I have a few questions. One previously asked but not answered, and one that is new.

1) Does the OQO 02 allow for screen rotation? Would this alleviate the scroll bar issue?

2) Did you edit and polish the video using only the OQO 02? If so, how was that experience?

Opps, that was 4 questions.

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Steven, thank you for the 2 (4) questions. By the way, sorry about the delay in respone, both here and offline...it's been busy!

Mine does not rotate AND i feel that this would not alleviate the issue...why??? Becasue when you're rotated and you want to use the keyboard!?!?! LOL

I did not edit the movie using the OQO, that is my goal in the future. I look forward to getting my next video done so you can see more.

Thanks Steven - great question(s)

scottyb159 said...

hope all is well, been a while since any blogging

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo,

Thanks for your update. Glad you're feeling a bit better now.

Since OQO are apparently listening to the comments here, I hope you won't mind if I add one further one. :)

Having said that I was thinking about cancelling my order, mine arrived the very next day. Shock, horror, as I wasn't expecting it until much later! I'm in the UK. OQO I think don't manufacture an OQO power cord for the UK, and instead supply one separately.

I have issues with this since it doesn't seem to fit very well. Someone with great strength may be able to get it to stay, but I'm afraid everyone I've asked hasn't succeeded. This makes bit of a nonsense out of its portability, since there's not much point in carrying around a dead battery.

OQO, if you are listening, could you please consider designing a UK mains plug and cord that properly fits the power unit? I also found it somewhat disconcerting that the power cord was packed separately from the main OQO packaging.

That said, I've had some fun getting to know the little thing, and getting to grips with tableting, which is all very new to me. Thanks for such an inspiring product, I look forward to what you come up with next.



Anonymous said...



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