Wednesday, December 06, 2006

First P1610s get delivered Downunder

It seems as though the wait is over and the Fujitsu P1610 LifeBook is on its way to happy homes. Not only will this mean lots of new Tableteers but it may also inspire someone to start blooging in ink too! Come'on Aussies, show the world what we got...anyone???

Here as some pictures of one of the shipments heading to Melbourne from the Tegatech Australia offices.

If you want one, did you read this, or see this?


Anonymous said...

It appears some p1610's are being shipped by Fujitsu with XP Pro instead of Tablet Edition.

Anyone experience this?


Hugo Ortega said...

Not in Australias (so far) but I have heard the discrepancy mentioedn a couple of times already. Keep me posted where this is happening and I'll get some extra info for you!

propstm said...

Hmm.... Steve's making blogposts with the Eleksen keyboard. How's the Organizer pack stack up?

Anonymous said...

Do these versions have 3g capability?

Anonymous said...

Is there any news on the SIM card option?

Hugo Ortega said...

no news yet, I will post as soon as that comes to hand!!!

Merry Christmas

Michael said...

nice but one thing, I will get mine from the US. Same as I did for the P2120 for my wife; much more options which are NOT available in Australia AND 2 grand cheaper.

My best guess is that the same applies to the P1610, ie I will get two for the price of one here.

When will Australian companies learn that it's a global economy?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Michael,

While I don't condone this behaviour I do know where you are coming from. I think manufacturers are well aware of the Global Economy while being held ransom by the ecomonies' of each region - hope all goes well for you.

CF said...

Niiice review!

Can you tell me what is it about the 2 different colors black / silver

i couldn't find anything about ordering the black or the silver model...

another point is the battery life...
fujitsu-siemens is talking about 4.5h here
and fujitsu says 3.25h with the same battery... so what do you think?

finally do you know what's the difference between the P1610 and the P1610D?

excuse my poor english... greetings from austria ;)
lg CF

Michael Visser said...

Blogging in digital ink, now that sounds fascinating. Could you do a post for us in your handwriting using your tablet?

I'm a PC user exclusively so would love to be able to purchase a writing tablet extension but to put it bluntly most applications are a little out of a modest teens price range.

Are there any pure digital handwriting blogs in Australia? I'd love to start converting mine!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Michael,

I love your enthusiasm. I'm afraid there are no Aussie Ink Bloggers but there are several overseas. A friend of mine runs the World's best one called Sumocat's Scribbles.

If you will start blogging I will sponsor you by giving you a cheap price on an ex demo unit I have...


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