Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another week, another UMPC and I

Hi Guys and Girls. Knowing that it’s been a while I thought I better catch you up. Not only did I get my ASUS R2H today, and my Samsung Q1 last week, but I also sold my T4210 Fujitsu in the readiness for my new T4215 Fujitsu next week! You should be so luck!

I’ve been hanging out a little with my good pal Dr. Neil; we even recorded two Dr. Neil’s Notes (Show 32, and Show 33). Given that we both carry Samsung Q1s then it isn’t hard to imagine the two shows are filled with UMPC related banter.

I’ve also been visiting friends at Microsoft and planning some January/February stuff, which I can’t disclose. With a bit of luck I will be able to let you all know soon as I have some big things planned for Australia and New Zealand. One of the Microsofties I like best is Mr. Jeff Alexander. He and I recently caught up at his newly renovated home where he showed me through his Windows Media Center enabled Casa. No less than three media Centers and an XBOX 360 as the cherry – stay tuned as Jeff and I will post a video soon.

So how am I doing as a full-time Ultra-Mobile PC-er? Good thanks. Not only have I not got a device to turn to other than the Q1 at this point (i.e. running my main apps) but I have chosen to barebone and go naked all the way. My mobile office now consists of a Samsung Q1 with Organizer Pack, while my Home Office consists of; you guessed it, the same Samsung Q1 with Organiser Pack! So how am I finding it?

I believe that the platform has a lot of merit. I am honestly a convertee and now more passionate than ever. One obvious bottleneck that I found in the technology is the lack of Processing Power, for my liking. Not only did I come off a Dual Core 1.83GHz Tablet to the Q1 but I went from 2GB of Ram to 512. I tried my best to keep it as “real” as possible to I am glad with the transition I have made, but I must admit I am missing the packet crunching power of the Dual Core device.

On a brighter note I am pleased with the screen size (surprisingly) and the portability (not so surprising). I am finding it a really nice platform for in-car computing and mobile-office working. By this I mean, in the car I can type on the keyboard, or fold the device back over the keyboard and ink as a normal slate. By mobile-office I am talking about actually pulling the device out, as opposed to leaving it in the car, and using it during a meeting. I have managed to do this much more often than I did with any laptop I owned, so this must be a good thing. The main reason for this change of practice would mostly come down to one thing, the ergonomics.

I like my UMPC in bed too. I am in bed now about to go to sleep and am planning a lot of videos for these next few weeks over the Christmas period. I will do my best to keep you informed and entertained. By the way, I received my R2H so I will posting a video really soon about all the UMPC, at once. I now have the EO V7110, the EO 7209 and 7210, the Samsung Q1 and Q1B and the ASUS R2H…keep your eyes glued.


propstm said...

Oh Hugo! You've sold me on the Organizer Pack!

Now do you happen to know where I might be able to pick it up for less than $160?
Best Buy Link

It seems that everywhere that carries it in the US has it for about $160. Can we try to save a college kid some money here?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Matt,

I wish I knew more about your marketplace, but I don't. Let me see wat I can do...

The OP rocks and is the only reason I can think of being solely UMPC enabled at present...more on that in a video this week.

Gabriel Gonzalez said...

Happy Christmas there and enjoy your gadgets! :D

Hugo Ortega said...

Hola Gabi,

Gracias por los saludos! Merry Christmas to you too and thank you for your support this year!

Take care.

helix65 said...

Hugo, can you tell me what LCD the Raon Digital Vega has inside. It would be greate if you can tell me the company and the model number of the LCD. I want to do a mod with this LCD on my next computer project. If you have the information please send it to


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Helix65,

I must admit I don't know but I will endeavour to find's an awesome one!

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hugo!


tablettoe said...


will you be at CES in Jan?

I think we will see new UMPC form factors there. The design needs pen input, I think Microsoft is on it.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Tablettoe,

I already know of three UMPC that will be released there (oops did I just say that)...

Merry Christmas Guys!!!!!

tablettoe said...

Will one have an active digitizer and pen?

I hope so because I have a number of applications I am woeking on that will take off if that falls into place.

Anonymous said...