Sunday, December 31, 2006

My turn in the Meme Challenge

I first heard of the MEME challenge from JK’s Post here (and yes James, I have been taking a back seat during Christmas, but I’m back now). So when my NZ mate Craig Pringle looped me into the whole thing via this ping (which I admittedly caught via an ego surf) I couldn’t help but oblige.

So here goes; here are 5 things my readers may not know about me!

  1. I was actually born in Argentina, and not Australia. I got to Australia with my parents at the ripe old age of 2.
  2. I am extremely happily married with two kids. (one boy and one girl)
  3. In 1995 I played semi-professional basketball for the Australian C.B.A and in 1994 I even represented Australia (Under 21’s Team) and Toured the United States playing College Teams which included CAL and UCLA Berkley (a total of 24 Games in 21 days).
  4. In 1994 I took part in a Music Video clip in which we illegally stopped peak-hour traffic on Sydney’s Harbour Bridge, jumped out of our cars, took off our shirts, had a dance while getting filmed by a helicopter and drove off. The idiocy irony was that when we drove off we all had to stop at the toll booths and pay the toll – this was a simple oversight that cost one of our friends a visit from the police later that afternoon.
  5. I've worked for the United Nations (UNDP and UNV) in Post-war Kosovo 1999 – 2001. While there I setup refugee camps, child care centres and restored a Municipal Park in which I employed 100+ people for three months (including 20 Deaf and Mute) all under my guidance.

So there are my five facts, in no particular order, and with several omissions. LOL. Now I haven't followed this closely so if you have already joined into the challenge just point to your answers, otherwise here are the five bloggers I'd like to know more about:


Gabriel Gonzalez said...

1. I had some clues about this point, your name and sporadic Spanish sentences :D

2. I knew it! since I follow your blog and listen to drneil's notes :D

3. I enjoyed reading this.

4. cool && LOL.

5. wow man, that's AMAZING! IMPRESIONANTE! Congratz!

I'm really flattered by your wish of knowing more about me! So here I go:

1. I am a 24 yo Software Engineer. I have worked in HP, Concept Systems Ltd. and currently in IronGate, a Spanish hardware manufacturer.

2. I moved to Madrid with my girlfriend, few months ago, after spending some time in Edinburgh.

3. In my free time I do Science (Computational Neuroscience) in the UAM's Neural Processing Laboratory.

4. I enjoy playing and composing music as an amateur, of course. I played drums in a couple of metal bands (1996-2002), saxophone in a wind orchestra (1996-1999), accordion with other 15 accordionists (1994-1999) and since April'06 a violin.

5. I really enjoy computers, I have spent most of my time, since I was a kid, improving and learning new skills and I maintain my "real" blog about this topic. I am proud to have done some kernel work in the OpenBSD Project in the past. Now I focus on becoming proficient in the analisys and design stages of software development.

I guess the fact we love tablets is not needed to be said :D

Gabriel Gonzalez said...

Happy new year mate!

propstm said...

I just posted my response at

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

You guys Rock!

Both Matt and Gab have provided nice insights and understood the meaning of sharing information. Thanks guys, I like the little team we're developing.

You've prtobaly noticed my lack of blogging, due mostly to a holiday I am "trying" to have. I will be back soon, bigger and better!!!!

Gabriel Gonzalez said...

Hey Hugo! Enjoy the holidays with your family you deserve it :)

tanyaa said...

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