Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Microsoft Coffee tastes better!

15th February 2006

It’s four O’clock and I’m strolling into the Microsoft Head Office in North Ryde, Sydney. I’m excited because this time I carry a sense of familiarity. I’m here to meet Uber Geek and very fanatical Frank Arrigo. We’ve never met before and the only pictures we’ve seen of each other are our Blog photo’s , which up until a day ago was a photo of me scuba diving – shit!!! I should have brought my regulator, mask and fins!!

As I divert into the reception area I seem somewhat recognizable to the receptionist; either that or I exude so much confidence that she now sees me as one of the gang. “There’s the thermal impregnator”, I think to myself as I stroll over to punch in my details. Frank then phones me from upstairs and begins to make his way down. He instantly recognizes me standing there with an artillery of Tablet under one arm and a goofy sense of excitement plastered on my face.

We meet, we greet and we bistro…

I see the familiar faces of Adam Cogan, there to host the .NET User Group held on the third Wednesday of every month, and Jeff Alexander, evangelising up a storm. This time I make the acquaintance of Andrew Coates, a Developer Evangelist that helps inspire much topic of thought. While Frank, Andrew and I share Tablet Tales I seem confident in knowing that I’m amongst friends (one-eyed maniacal 1’s and 0’s psycho’s) that are just like me. Frank and I then spend our time together conjuring adventures like two little school boys; we share a common space you see, the kids. Each time we brainstorm our thoughts veer back to our children, mainly my Tablet wielding four year old Leon, and Frank's Inking swordsman Billy (check out this post by Billy, so funny!) .

If you’re ever lucky enough to sit with any of the upstairs boys from Microsoft you’ll quickly note one common trait – passion. As my mate Dr. Neil Roodyn keeps telling me, “there aren’t that many people that comprise the Microsoft team worldwide. And it’s Microsoft that makes the whole world go round.” As I sit amongst this crew it isn’t hard to see why the world spins so well.

If hypothetically I opened a bread shop… and my employees ate the bread, dealt in the bread, stood on soapboxes and sold the bread, told their friends about the bread, spent their free-time blogging about the bread and enhancing the bread… then I’d have an empire too!!! Well done Mr. Bill Gates! You are a genius! You’ve manifested a team as devoted as you are, and maniacal too.

After today’s briefing I had but one thought: “Microsoft Coffee tastes better!”

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