Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Two Tablet greats combine to make one!

Rob Bushway’s blog CutMeLoose.com has been a favorite of mine since I started blogging. His ability to liberate information and express his passion for all things Tablet PC is infamous worldwide. Dennis Rice, also a MVP in Tablet, has informatively entertained the community via Travelin’ with tablet Guy and Tablet PC Buzz.

These Uber Geeks are to the Tablet community what the "New York Times" is to the general populous. The fact that they have come together and announced a joint venture (Commercial Website) called GottaBeMobile is a very exciting event in my books. Visit the site often and subscribe to their feeds; with these guys at the steering wheel I reckon Tablet PC has just been given a set of off-road wheels – enjoy the ride with us.

PS. Rob and Dennis, I’m honored that you placed me in the community list, thanks!


Rob Bushway said...

Thanks for that wonderful endorsement!
It means a tremendous amount. I hope we can live up to it!


Dennis Rice said...

Man -- what a sendoff that is! Thanks Hugo for the great intro to our new site. We are very excited about this and will work real hard to live up to the accolades!

Hugo Ortega said...

I'm excited about where we're headed - Tablet PC is in our hands and together we can build the fire...

I'm a strong advocate of what you guys do!!! Well done Rob and Dennis.