Friday, February 17, 2006

Australia 2006 and Tablet PC is OK!

Tonight I chatted with Lora Heiny of Microsoft (and the infamous What Is New blog). She is so passionate about the Tablet, which is not half obvious since she basically owns the Tablet space in the USA. Lora works with the Microsoft Mobile Platforms Division, Tablet PC ISV team as a vendor. Her focus is on Tablet PC ISV Partner relationships. Microsoft! Where's our Lora in Australia?

While we inked she sent me a photo of Tablet Guy running around San Francisco. He was spotted with some sea-lions, and a silly grin!!

See Lora's other photos of travelling Tablet Guy

The irony of blogging is that Lora never met Hugo and Hugo never met Lora. I know Frank Arrigo knows Lora, but never met, except through Blogland – yet we all ink to each other with a sense of familiarity. As I told Lora of my conversation’s with Frank we came to one conclusion: “Tablet PC in Australia was going to be OK in 2006!!”

Watch this space Australia; we might get more guest appearances by Tablet Guy come MEDC time downunder.

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