Friday, April 09, 2010

Korea, iPad and me

Coffee and gadgets with UMID: F1 and M1
(more photos on my FaceBook)

Travelling back from Seoul, Korea I couldn’t help but feel good about my experience. The food was better than what I’d experienced in Tokyo (although I blame that on the briefness of my trip to Tokyo), the people and buildings more interesting than Beijing and the gadgets very innovative. I met with UMID and VIliv, and a few others and discussed what’s now and what’s new. As I sampled the foods and played with the gadgets I could see that the South Korean’s are definitely focused on long-term profitability and viability of their country. If you have not travelled through South Korea I could suggest it is a “must see” on your list. To me it’s as unique and interesting as Dubai, and that came as a surprise to me.

Coffee with Viliv: S10, HD5 and new N5 to play with!!!
(more photos on my FaceBook)

Two amazing products I played with were the yet to be released Viliv HD5 and the N5. Both are innovative and both take the Ultra-Mobile PC platform up a notch! I have a video of the HD5 in action and will post that later. Both are tiny and based on Android form-factors which are designed to optimise battery life, and importantly, decrease price. Like I said the trip was great and well worth the effort. I will let you know more about the details as they come up and as I am able to share. Regrettably I sign more NDAs than I care to remember in my life so it's a wonder I can even write a blog. However if you ask I can always find creative ways to answer! :-)

Technomart, (near Gangbyeon Station). Geek Heaven!

Regarding the iPad I have a few arriving on Monday morning (Aussie time) and will post some thoughts. I got sent some to review and I'll certainly give them a trashing. The first thing I'll do is sit down on my favourite couch and have some fun browsing YouTube (oh wait, no flash support), then I'll jump on Skype and have a video call from my backyard, that will be cool! (oh, there's no camera). At least I can go onto Apple's stores and pay more money for apps I don't need! (Oh, there's no regional support for Australia). CAN'T WAIT!!!


Danno said...

Eventhough Flash is not supported youtube IS supported. There's an app for that :-) You can view the mp4 version of the videos.

Hugo Ortega said...

iPad will be great as long as you do it Apple's way! I'm not covnerted yet mate. So sorry. :-)

Cecil said...

There really hasn't been any Viliv N5 news since CES. Any news on the release date.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Cecil, I need to confirm with Viliv but from all accounts production is in full swing. I'll see if I can get a more "official statement".

HG said...

That was great Hugo! You got to use the upcoming Viliv products. I'm still using my Viliv S5 with Tablet Edition. Will be waiting for the video.

Hugo Ortega said...

That's awesome HG! Did you try the HID Driver? What was the result for you? I loved the new Viliv HD5...awesome! Tablet year has been great to far! ;-)

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