Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogging from Seoul

Flying into Incheon International Airport I had a sense of uncertainty, and a little apprehension. There is so little known about North Korea that I must have naively assumed South Korea is somewhat similar. The truth could not be more different however. With legions of building lining the streets, towering and competing in beauty and glamour the city travels as far as the eye can see, and then further again.

I left Sydney at 9am local time and because I had a full day of travel ahead I chose to pack a Viliv X70 as my preferred in-flight entertainment. Since the last six flights I’ve done overseas have all been on the Airbus A380 I was definitely concerned about being back on a Boeing 777, with simplified seating and entertainment. Turns out I wasn’t wrong so the Viliv and a handful of DVDs came very handy!

My preferred in-flight entertainment, C/O Viliv X70!

Upon arriving in Korea I caught the number 4 bus all the way to my hotel and was greeted in the lobby by one of the readers of this blog. This was an awesome way to arrive in a new country and something really worth mentioning. Not only is Stan a mobile gadget lover (with a Samsung Q1U-SSD, a Viliv VANT, Samsung N10 and ASUS T10 in his backpack!!) but he is also a gentleman. Without hesitation he waited an hour for me in the lobby and then drove me across town to a very traditional Korean banquet. The food, the conversation and my first taste of Korea will truly be unforgettable.

Yes, they're all plates of food! SOOOOO GOOOD!!!!

Tomorrow I am meeting with Vili, UMID and a partner from France. I better get some sleep!


Anonymous said...

It was great taking the Q1U-SSDXP apart together. Tethering with Sierra MC8790 with bit of progress. It looks like SK is only allowing access to registered HSDPA Modules. So I'll just have to play with my new CMR-100S with USB HSDPA Modem together foe now.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

That sounds like a great module mate! Keep me posted on how that goes as it looks like a very functional tool for mobility focused folks!

PS. Thanks again for the great dinner in Seoul!