Friday, April 23, 2010

UPDATE Viliv S5 driver calibration issue fixed with toothpick

For all of you experiencing issues with the Viliv S5 HID Driver I released recently this email may come as a welcome surprise! Looks as though the answer is in a toothpick! LOL! (And a simple set of instructions). While I am a little sceptical we have tried it with two machines and it works! The answer comes after much backwards and forwards between Tegatech and Viliv and may be just what the doctor ordered!

Not my mouth! LOL!

Try it out and let me know!

From Viliv:
The method is like that.

  1. Control Panel => Device Manager=> Human Interface Device. => Check the 3 drivers (HID-compliant device, Microsoft Input Configuration Device, Viliv HID Touch). Mice and other pointing devices => Check HID-compliant mouse.
If the device has the problem, you re-install the HID driver.

  1. You delete the Human Interface driver with the uninstall menu
  2. You restart the S5 when restart message box is coming.
  3. To delete the trace of the driver, you delete the following the files (Windows\system32\driver\(i8042prt_hid.sys and i8042prt_atom.sys)
  4. Control Panel => Mice and other pointing device => PS2 mouse Driver. Driver update using compatible option.
  5. Restart the S5.
  6. Reinstall the EC driver(0.54).(new driver online at Viliv here)
  7. You have to calibration again with Tool is Control Panel => Hardware and Sound => Tablet PC Settings=> Display option => Click the Calibrate button.


Kamui said...

well, I have a non 3g, so I upgraded to EC 22. My drivers don't have any !, and I followed your steps to the letter (sans ec54). The result is the same. Im assuming the toothpick part is a joke. Anyway, I hope you have an update on this, I dusted off my S5 when I read your blog entry today in excitement.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Hi Kamui!

I wish it were a joke...try the toothpick, or something with a very fine point, and I am told it may assist. Let me know what happens after as we fixed two machines this way, and I will report back to Viliv.

Thanks mate!

STING said...


Great blog man. Keep it going.

About the post, I've bought over 50 Viliv S5 devices for my software project.

The calibration problem has occurred on a number of devices. Once it even occurred while I was testing one of the devices. I don't know what really triggers it. Suddenly, bang, and the calibration is off-target.

The problem is, you run the Viliv Manager but "Calibrate" button is disabled.

The only solution I've found for this problem is I format the device. Viliv send me new apps and drivers, but nothing helped.

I will try these steps on the ones I have with problem and let you know how it works out.

And yes, now same thing happens with the HSDPA module; suddenly it stops working and even formatting doesn't help!

Viliv has one of the best MIDs no doubt, but they are messing it up big time with these silly problems! I might switch to the more expensive ASUS R50 soon. Its all S5 is and more, what you think?

David said...

Is there any way to get hands on the HID Driver source codes?
I have not much experience in driver programming, but i would love to get a shot on fixing the remaining issues.

Maniac said...

I have a non 3g S5 and recently upgraded to EC22. I had the same problem, randomly the mouse clicks would not register. As I'm not using Win 7 I rolled back to EC21, the problem seems to be gone now.