Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LatteGuy, Fenech and iPad journeys continue

What started out as an effort to satisfy some friends has quickly turned into a who's who of Australian media! First my mate Jon Dee - runner up Australian of the Year 2010 (also Planet Ark fame and Do Something!) wanted an iPad and then Stephen Fenech (of the Fenech Family fame) and Editor of The Daily Telegraph's Connect column wanted one too.

Jon Dee and Stephen Fenech enjoy the iPads

I spent the late afternoon sipping tea and talking Tablets with these two gentlemen on Monday afternoon and by the end of it felt better about the IT space. Ironically not because they had converted me to a devoted iPad lover but because of the sense of commitment and passion around Tablet seemed somewhat escalated this year.

As we were spearheaded by Jon regarding the App Store, and his latest arrays of expenditures, I understood just how significant Tablets are to mobility becoming an accepted form of computing. With both PC and Apple Tablets there is a sense of freedom, a sense of accomplishment and a sense of empowerment which comes with being able to compute on the road and on the go. I remember my first exposure to Tablet PC and how it revolutionised the way I worked; it seems the “Minority Report” dreams of mobile computing are no longer a dream at all and rapidly becoming a reality.

What I am excited about most is how Apple’s iPad has pushed mainstream PC manufacturers like Dell and HP to look for ways to compete and therefore offer more compelling mobile computing solutions which will include things like proper multi-tasking, full uncompromised Operating Systems and ports! HAHA! I am looking forward to Apple’s touch experience being more common place on PCs and things battery life increases too. Overall Tablets I a good place this year!

In other news, last week I presented at the Sydney Mobile User Group (#SYDMO). It was hosted at the City Hotel and ended up being a great night. I took the TEGA Tablet and the iPad and had fun showcasing it to the many folks at the event. I met @TheLatteGuy who then invited me to do a similar presentation on Wednesday (21st April) at #wscm, 54 Norton St Leichhardt. So if you’re in Sydney and want to hang out and Talk Tablets! Pop in for coffee between 8am and 10am.

Microsoft's Michael Kordahi playing with TEGA Tablet
and TheLatteGuy waiting his turn


Clifford said...

Hey Hugo, have you gotten your mitts on an HP TM2 yet? While the screen is a bit too glossy and has horrible viewing angle, the machine is a gem. Long battery life, a dedicated graphics card, sexy styling...yeah, I'm definitely digging it.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Clifford!

TM2 is definitely a sexy and classy machine. The specs are very akin to that of a desktop only a year ago so I like where HP is headed. The styling is targeted at mainstream and that makes is really nice to look at aesthetically. I am partial to the Fujitsus (T900H my current beast) but the TM2 is right up there, especially with the great touch experience it has too! (Not to mention that battery and dedicated graphics! Yoohoo!)


HG said...

Nice to see that you have the Tega Tablet out and about. I picked up the 64GB iPad and really like the battery life and able to run Windows 7 on the road and be able to run Outlook, Word, Excel, and OneNote. Screen is great for me outdoors as well. Really like the always on with iPad. Example have the MiFi in the car the iPad is in the car. I go to the job sites and turn on the iPad and check email and while the iPad was off it still can download email. Then I just connect to Win 7 to do any other work that needs to be done and runs smoothly. Hugo where is the Video Blogs? :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi HG!

Great to hear you're still passionate and doing your best to use all the mobile tech out there! Regarding the iPad what are you using to run Win7 on there? Regarding the videos I'm just a little camera shy since it's been so long. I will however correct that soon I promise. :-)


HG said...

I'm using iTap RDP App and let's me run my Windows machine remotely and feels as if I have Windows 7 on my iPad with all the great stuff. Here is a quick video I had done but just had time to upload.


Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Great comment HG and video. I watched it an enjoyed it. I think there is plenty of room to make a longer and more in depth video out of this, so maybe that's your next task. :-) I'm still not convinced but I'll try it and see what happens. Keep you posted.

HG said...

Thanks Hugo. Yes I want to make a few more videos with different senarios using the iPad. Hopefully soon. I will be keeping a eye and see how it goes for you. :)

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

I need to get one first mate! :-) I've had three and had to sell them onto desperate "fan boys" each and every time. Who am I to stop addicts from getting their fix!? LOL :-)