Saturday, May 29, 2010

CeBIT Australia 2010

Team Tegatech having fun: Taking the Tablet!

CeBIT was extra special for me this year, not only was I speaking at the Webciety conference but my little business (Tegatech Australia) was exhibiting at the show too. I have presented at CeBIT for the last four years and each year is more exciting than the last. I made my way to stage and while the audience was small it was full of familiar faces.

Presenting at CeBIT Australia: Webciety Conference

Not surprisingly as I pulled out the iPad the crowd seemed to double and grow each minute I presented. Then the TEGA Tablet came out, a Tablet made by our little business. Obviously the sentence to follow will contain some amount of praise but given I’ve worked with Tablets for almost a decade I can suggest there is good reason for an iPad alternative to exist.

Crowd builds as TEGA Tablet and iPad come out

The TEGA Tablet multi-tasks, has built-in 3G and SSD options, but best of all it accepts handwritten input thanks to the inclusion of a carefully written Human Interface Device (HID) driver. With this driver users can write on the screen and have those notes transcribed into text (extra great when running Windows 7 Professional) or have those same notes left as handwritten format for reading later. Ultimately with all its ports and full Operating System I think the business community in particular will welcome the TEGA Tablet, or anyone that is above 16yrs of age and doesn’t own a pair of white earphones.

Interviewed for CeBIT TV

The show was great this year and there seemed to be a bigger push from medium sized exhibitors showing off their wears! There was a huge Korean pavilion and even one from Shenzhen China – famous for iPad clones. It was a little strange to see some of the clones on display as I am pretty sure where the iPad clones go lawsuits follow shortly after! I enjoyed myself and I thank anyone that came and spent time with us, and for those of you that missed out we/I will be back at CeBIT Australia 2011!

TEGA Tablet stand!


HG said...

I will be looking forward to see some VBlogs, with your Tega Tablet and see it in action. I have been using the iPad and really been productive with it for my work stuff. It won't replace my Acer Ferarri F002 netbook or my Kohjinsha Tablet and even my Viliv S5 for true inking in OneNote, but is able to do the job for now. Can't wait for all these new PC Tablets that will be available soon. Or should I really say Slate Tablets, in the form of the iPad. I seen the JooJoo running Windows 7 and that is great.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Hye HG! The JooJoo looks neat and with so many PC Tablets coming soon it won't be long before iPad has some real competition. Right now a lot of people I know are compromised by having the iPad but love it for its look and battery life. If there was something similar in the PC space things would definitley change, i.e. 10hrs battery + full Windows then the future would look very different. The Viliv S10 gets that battery life but now we need to see a slate form-factor to compete at the mainstream level! Can't wait either! Thanks for the comment mate!