Thursday, May 20, 2010

Viliv S10 Blade and N5 arrive on my doorstep

So sad...but I'm still like a kid when these come in!

Today was certainly an exciting day with the arrival of the the FedEX man! As per most days there is always a sense of enthusiasm when he knocks but on this day we knew it was extra special. Inside the box...Australia's first Viliv N5 and Vili S10 in the same box!!!

massive hole for battery (10hrs), and interestingly, easy access to SSD

With 10hrs battery life it was easy to see where it gets it from. When I flipped over the machine there was a massive hole looking for a chunky bit of lithium ion polymer to fill its shoes. It's the smartest battery design I've seen in an Ultra-Mobile PC design and with all 7.4V to power itself from it was no surprise why the S10 Blade does so well on the battery life stakes.

S10 Blade open...and converting

It is a convertible notebook but by its weight and design you would almost swear it's a slate. In hand it is light to hold and the swivel action is very refined and a credit to Viliv as it is their first attempt at such a device. It is so much lighter than the Fujitsu P1630, and better built than the ASUS T91 (not hard) so over all a great effort.

this is why they call it The Blade!!!

When this unit is in slate mode it becomes very obvious just how skilful it is. With the amazing ability to act wafer thin while still packing a keyboard I can see I'm starting to fall in love with the unit as a possible "preferred" device. I really didn't think I would be this enamoured but with multi-touch, an SD card slot, built-in 3G and SSD, 2x USB ports and the awesome ability to turn itself into a external storage device (thanks to mini USB port you can plug it into another machine and read data from it), I think this unit is special.

Slated for action!

I like the minimalistic design and the fact that it has a camera. It has been hard to think about the iPad movement and actually suggest there is an alternative in the PC world, but this may be it! I love the portability and the battery life, and the simple design, and nice exterior feel it means that it can sit in your hand quite nicely and perhaps be considered one of the true iPad killers on the market!

N5 has silky (sexy) matt finish

The N5 is so new what I have in my hand is a pre-pre-production model. It has the best feeling (almost felt-like) exterior which means it is a very desirability machine (almost sexy). It has been designed to give a touch experience in your pocket with all the functionality Windows provides. With built-in 3G, large keyboard and long life battery I think this will also turn heads at CeBIT Australia.

N5 open!

I like that the keyboard has left-click and right-click, all the keys needed to work "normally" including the Windows key, and that the screen is quite readable outdoors. It is a light device and will definitely find a happy home amongst consumers. Between the S10 and the N5 I favour the S10 as I like screen real-estate too much but ultimately they are both innovative enough to be called "real" Ultra-Mobile PC. They will be officially launched in Australia on Monday the 24th of May on Tegatech Australia stand (R61).


HG said...

I think we all know that feeling when new gadgets arrive. This is great that you will get to try out the Viliv N5. Maybe you can compare it to the S5. I like my S5 with Tablet Edition on it.

Also looking forward to the Tega Tablet. :)

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

HI mate, great to hear from you. We're gearing up for CeBIT Australia but I will prmosie you to compare the N5 to the S5. I think the fact that it does NOT have a swivel screen is slightly against the N5 but ultimately the keyboard is so good it makes sense too. I'll know more once I play more and will report back. :-) And compared to S5 especially.

Thanks for the well wishes on the TEGA. We're pretty excited mate!