Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tablets at Computex 2010

Computex Taiwan was a great event this year. Even though I wasn't there I had a handful of people on the ground sending me emails, text messages and most importantly photos too. Given it is the "Year of the Tablet" I was so excited to see a stream of devices coming out from new manufacturers like FIC, MS and Malata. I really like the Hanvon unit and have ordered one for myself to (play with) and will let you know my thoughts soon. I'm not into the iPad clones and definitley won't be getting any of those! LOL!

As I said, I wasn't there but here is a collection of images I have made into an animated GIF of Tablets found at Computex in 2010.


wookash said...

great to see you posting again. I have followed since the OQO, HTC Shift, and U810 days.
Really interested in the TegaTab and its handwriting recog. Can you expound on these capabilities some more.
I would love to see a youtube video.
Agree that business minded folks like myself would eat something like this up.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

HI Wookash,

Firstly let me thank you for your kind words and support. I sincerely love the blog and have had a great time over the years. More recently I chose to get back into it as the friendships, and the fun of being a geek, is so easily translated onto the blog it is addictive. I will post videos soon and have lots to talk only bottleneck is how many others things get in my way "Back in the day" all I had was the blog, now it's a little harder. I have some help now (i.e. new staff) so this should be easier. :-)

Regarding your query the TEGA Tablet offers handwritten input via the dedicated resistive touchscreen. The way we achieved this was through the development of a HID driver to ensure when people write on the glass that their palm does not interrupt their handwriting experience Ultimately it is still a touchscreen and not a traditional Active Digitizer experience so users must understand that there is a level of pressure you can place on the screen before the palm interrupts writing anyway. It does work however and I will post a video soon. Where are you based?


HG said...

Can't wait on the video Hugo. You mention that you ordered the Hanvon. I also like the design of the Hanvon and might pick one up. Will have to see whem you get the Hanvon Tablet. Which one did you order?

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Hey HG! I look forward to making the video soon, just waiting for a moment spare. The Hanvon (B10 I ordered) is a good excuse and should be here next wee. Will keep you posted. :-) I hate there is no inking ability but I think the capcitive screen is what Windows needs to make it compete with the iPad even more. There will be a digitizer version in the near future too so can't wait for that! :-)

William Flack said...

Greetings from London Hugo. It's great that you are blogging again.

Have you had a chance to review the Notion Ink Adam? Things have come a long way since I bought my Samsung Q1 after watching your videos.

Lawrence said...

Did you get any feedback from anyone who tried a Eee Pad EP121?

Looks promising.