Tuesday, May 18, 2010

iPad, TEGA Tablet, Surface and Hunter Valley

iPad (pre-launch 2010 Australia) - about to begin second session

On Thursday afternoon I packed up my bags, my iPad, my TEGA Tablet and a Surface Table….yes, a Surface Table! My direction was north, and my goal was to speak at the AIS conference 2010. This is the third occasion I have been invited to present and on this occasion I had to give two sessions, for the first time, so I had twice the opportunity to make blunders, or on a positive note, had twice the opportunity to impress.

"during" my talk I let all the attendees come up
 and play with Surface

Ultimately the audience is a bunch of well-schooled, well intended, IT managers and professionals. Billed as “The primary event for ICT professionals in independent schools” the event is held in the Hunter Valley, i.e. some of Australia’s most heavenly win country. My talks were scheduled for Friday and without delay I packed, prepared and practiced all my lines. With PowerPoint on my new T900 (with multi-touch) and a plethora of cutting edge devices (totalling a street value of almost $30,000 AUD) it was always going to be entertaining at worst! LOL!

"Inspect A Gadet" LOL!!!

My talks came and went, I had countless questions about the TEGA Tablet, the iPad strengths and weaknesses and even had Microsft staff stay through my first talk and come up after and say they thoroughly enjoyed it (especially the Surface bits). Too cool. I just thought I’d share some images as it was fun to be part of. If I get invited back next year (my fourth year) I better start planning ways to beat this year’s presentations….maybe $100K worth of gadgets!

Next week I'm speaking at the Webciety Conference, CeBIT Australia 2010. Can't wait!!! Tegatech will have a stand their too.


Jim Croteau said...

No handwriting on your own tablet---Oh Hugo is it really true? After all these tablet, umpc etc years and not handwriting??

Jim Croteau said...

No handwriting on your own tablet--all touch models---Oh Hugo is it really true? After all these tablet, umpc etc years and no handwriting?? Please say it is coming later!

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

HI mate, I promise I am trying everything. It's so hard to actually build a computer and get it right you would not believe! Out TEGA Tablet does however support handwritten input! :-) It is sitting on a touchscreen but we have released a HID Driver for it to use so Touch and Stylus can interact and accept handwriting.

Hope this cheers you up! PS. Don't tell anyone but we're working on a Wacome model and a multi-touch too.

Jim Croteau said...

Any palm rejection on the touch like with the Fuji 1610, 1620 and 1630 series?

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Exactly the same, although slightly lighter touch sxperience than the P16XX series (they were hard on the finger) TEGA Tablet is lighter, and still can write.

bob said...

Will have to do something about that silly Google 'placeholder' of Bob -it's Noel mate.
It's amazing isn't it that despite these sophisticated devices being capable of all but incomprehensible calculating speeds so often on ALL forums the question comes down to data entry? In particular the steam driven, Victorian era keyboard (tea & bikkies at 4 LOL). Still if you ever manage to 'crack' it instead of cosying up to m/soft you might have Steve B on yr doorstep LOL!

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

LOL! You crack me up BOB!