Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Intel Intelligent Digital Signage proof of concept

I came across this Press Release today regarding Intel and the Digital Signage sector. While it is not specifically Tablet related, or even mobility focused, it does involve my other passion which is TOUCH! Check out this image showcasing what is basically a pane of glass with a touchscreen overlay. Ultimately I’ve witnessed the insurgence of robot-like kiosks all over the retail sector but I believe this would be much more minimalist and grandiose.

Intel claims the processor is the Intel i7 and the Operating System will be Windows Embedded. It is based on an Intel Digital Signage proof of concept and it has me very excited. I’d rather see this than clumsy tables and kiosk around the place, and if it became cheap enough how cool would a feature wall of this technology be at home!

One interesting piece of information to come out of the press release was a list of partners. I like that Tablet PC manufacturer DT Research was in the list and involved in this project! Maybe we'll see more of this technology in the mobile PC space!

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