Monday, January 11, 2010

Rise of the Tablets by CRN

Good to see Australian Media acknowledging what is occuring at CES this year. What pleased me most was today's article by Iain Thomson of CRN (Reseller Channel Magazine), especially given resellers will be responsible for the greatest ground swell to come. This article is focused on "Top 10 best and worst of CES" of which Table PC comes 2nd in the "best of" category!


The highs and lows of the world's biggest electronics show. It's been a long hard week for many people in Las Vegas this week as over 100,000 people have flocked to the city for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Three huge convention centre halls and numerous other locations have been used to demonstrate the next generation of electronic technology and a dizzying parade of new systems, peripherals and add-ons have been put on display.

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