Thursday, January 14, 2010

Playing with Multi-Touch Fujitsu T4310 today

Today I had a play with the new Fujitsu T4310. The neat feature about this unit is that it hosts both traditional Wacom Active Digitizer (for crisp handwriting and drawing experience) while also including support for Multi-Touch gestures. One idiosyncrasy was that on the touchscreen a finger (or two) was the prefered input method, while a stylus (for pointing only) was no good. I found this interesting as the driver must be working over time to care enough to know if it was being touched by a finger or a stylus (dummy pointer). As promised by Fujitsu however when the Active Digitizer was present the unit switched to Active Digitizer seamlessly.

This "auto sensing" method of switching between Active Digitizer and Touch (multi or single) is not my preferred method for switching between the two input methods. I much prefer the way TabletKiosk does it on the Sahara i440D with a physical switch for alternating between the two input methods. This allows for a truer Touch experience when in Touch, and truer Digitizer experience when in Digitizer, without all the idiosyncrasies.

Right-click Multi-Touch Win7 Pinch Gesture

Here is a photo of pinch gesture in action (I like that it allows for a zoom-styled response in dialog boxes) and a photo a right-clicking (by a single finger on the screen and concurrently tapping with a second finger to create a right-click dialog box).

No Pinch Gesture in use

Zoom-in Multi-Touch Win7 Pinch Gesture

Zoom-out Multi-Touch Win7 Pinch Gesture

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