Tuesday, October 26, 2010


With cloud computing very much on my mind of late, it’s interesting to take a closer look at what some companies are doing in the enterprise sector. Specifically, it’s companies like Citrix that have shown how cloud computing can be a very viable option for businesses interested in reducing security risks, enhancing connectivity and getting their employees out in the field with mobile devices. Take a look at this video for more about how Citrix and its CTOs are currently pushing this form of anywhere-mobility.

For those not familiar with Citrix, it is a very exciting company working on tools that essentially allow users to take data with them anywhere. Their primary products have been virtual desktop tools like XenDesktop and XenClient (for mobile virtual desktops). Recently, a great deal of focus has been put into mobile access through their tools, however. While Cloud server visualization with XenServer is fantastic, demand is growing for tools that make cloud computing on tablets and other mobile devices safer and more efficient for IT departments, which lead to OpenCloud.

The last thing any company wants to deal with is data security holes or lost devices. So, Citrix has worked closely with a number of product manufacturers to integrate their software and receiver solutions directly into new devices.

Already devices are combining Windows and Android for hybrid use, Thinix for intuitive mobile use, and EyesBoard for quicker and easier keyboard access. With these tools Citrix would make tablet PCs like the TEGAv2 more viable portals to virtual desktops and cloud servers for those companies interested in really securing their data.

Why Citrix for Cloud Computing?

For a while now Citrix has been a company devoted to helping businesses build IT infrastructures that make sense. Right now, cloud computing is what makes sense. It is more dynamic, more efficient, and can adjust to a business’s specific growth needs when necessary.

But, just because cloud computing makes more sense for corporations in theory, doesn’t mean it always works. Citrix developed OpenCloud to deal with those security issues. To me, this is the only company that truly has a handle on what cloud computing needs to look like to be effective in an enterprise setting. That’s why I think it would be such a good fit with many tablet PCs and mobile devices in the enterprise space.

Right now, cloud computing is very exciting – a lot of new ideas are being developed, and while time shall tell how much a part of an IT infrastructure it can become, I personally see it as a stepping stone to more fluid, adaptive technology use in almost any industry. 

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