Friday, October 15, 2010

Advanced Software Options for Tablet PCs

Right now, I feel like one of the major concerns users have with tablet PCs is that functionality will be hobbled with a touch screen. Most users are accustomed to the standard keyboard and mouse layout and using a traditional operating system like Windows 7 without those input devices seems like an awkward solution.

It might explain the popularity of the iPad and the increased demand for Android devices – those operating systems are designed exclusively for touch. And yet, especially in the case of the iOS software, simplicity in use of the touch screen has severely weakened the functionality of the device. Single tasking, the app interface, and limited expansion are all major gripes with the dedicated touch screen OS.

For enterprise users and personal users more demanding of their tech, the solution to me still remains Windows 7 or a Windows 7/ Android hybrid (as in the TegaV2). But, even with the added functionality and extreme permeability of both Windows and Android, there is a strong need for enhanced software that is 100% native to touch screens and yet takes full advantage of all the amazing things modern technology can do.

There are industries where tablet PCs could instantly increase productivity – such as in health care, education, and hospitality. But to make that dream a reality, there needs to be software that overlays the standard Windows 7 interface and makes it easier to complete tasks without watering down the device (as in the case of the iPad).

One of the best examples I can point to is Thinix Touch. Thinix Touch provides a more intuitive touch screen interface for a Windows based computer without sacrificing the features that we know and love about Windows. Multi-tasking, Windows software and easy access to your file systems are all still there, but with a touch oriented interface that is reminiscent of iOS or Android.

And the folks at Thinix are well aware of how expandable their software is. In September they released their Thinix Touch VDI software – allowing users to access virtual desktops in the same comfortable Thinix interface on a tablet PC. There are dozens of real world applications here, from health care to education, and business travel.

Another piece of software I feel represents the growing trend for power application on touch screen computers is Eyesboard. This software tool allows users to access a customizable on-screen keyboard that works with stylus or finger input, and can adjusted, changed in size, shifted to other languages, and much more.

Again, people like the interface that devices like the iPad offer, but beyond the aesthetically pleasing layout, the functionality is very limiting. So, having advanced software tools in place like Thinix or Eyesboard will allow users to enjoy that on-the-go, instant touch interface while still using a powerful device that can do everything they need of it.

I’m sure that’s why Tegatech included both pieces of software on the TegaV2 – they’re important and will help anyone get much more out of their tablet PC.


HG said...

Hey Hugo congratulations on the launch of the TegaV2 Tablet. I have been waiting for my review unit to show up, but no sign of it. :-) I have always enjoyed using tablet PC's, and have been using some form of one for daily work. I have the iPad and I am able to use it to do what I need to do and works great. It's like I tell everyone that if you use e right tool for the right job, then it will work for you. You wouldn't want a touch screen to input data all day long on it. You would get something with a keyboard. A lot of reviews in the past I haven seen, where they are trying to compare a convertible or tablet PC to a laptop. I have a Viliv S5 that I installed the Tablet Edition on it. Reason is that I needed something very portable last year and needed inking and worked great and still works great when I need it. I take it on our vacations to upload and run programs I need and goes right in the back pack. Anyways Hugo great job on the TegaV2 Tablet and I am looking forward to the great tablet. There is so much you can do with a tablet that makes it great to use one, not that you couldn't do that with a regular laptop, but it's so much nature especially when reading web pages on the couch or at your local coffee shop.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

hey HG!

You've been following my movements for years so I sort of oe the TEGA v2 to you and others that have been there from the beginning. Your words, thoughts and passion always had synergy with mine and therefore making the Tablet had all of you in mind. The TEGA v2 is special; like you I think the task is about marrying the right tool for the right job, then Tablet-ing is powerfuly. I feel like the TEGA v2 is a great start to out global business and undertaking into becoming a manufacturer mate.

Again, you're a big part of it. :-) Thanks!