Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tablet computing for seamless lifestyle

Way back in 2006 I blogged about meeting Dr. Neil Roodyn, and being introduced to Tablet computing.  I’m proud to say that 11-years later I’m still part of Tablet computing and still close mates with Neil. A lot has happened since then and there has certainly been a gap between my blogging. I’ve got three kids now, my Tablet business have grown from a simple garage operation at home, to business operations in Australia, Europe and North America. Dr. Neil has also established himself globally and in the process become a Microsoft Surface MVP; the world’s first actually.

I caught up with Neil in his office recently and share a chat about his latest software development and in particular “seamless computing” techniques [as seen on Engadget] called nSquared Presenter. I truly love the concept. Watching as users flick and send each other notes, images and deliver presentations from Surface Table, to iPhone to Tablet is amazing. As long as you are part of the Wi-Fi (or connect) network, i.e. same subnet mask, then the content will be seamlessly shared between yourself and your colleagues. It’s truly a step in the right direction and part of the manner in which 2012 will see effective use of the plethora of devices now ubiquitously carried by all.

About nSquared Presenter:

nsquared presenter allows you to collaboratively create and deliver presentations using all the devices you find in a meeting room. From your tablet to the projected screen on the wall and the iPads your colleagues have, nsquared presenter has it covered.
Your team can build a new presentation timeline of content including slides, spreadsheets, documents, images and movies brought together from different files. It can be done on the tablet, a table-top computer, an interactive touch screen, or all three! This timeline you create together becomes the new presentation and will synchronize with all of the other devices running nsquared presenter.
Watch this video also if you're interested in the future of seamless computing:



Hey I wanted to say that I like the npresenter video. It is great to finally see this technology be made more public, I have been interested in these surface tables for a while now. Great share!

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Thanks Jordan, we love nSquared work too!!!