Friday, June 22, 2007

OQO as my primary screen

Looking around my Hotel room I realised that I have the world’s smallest desktop. I took a photo as it is the first time I have been working at length on the OQO model 02 as my main machine without extending the desktop. While mobile I use the OQO a lot but as stated in a previous posts it is usually for mundane and menial tasks. While at my desk I extend onto a 23” Apple Cinema Display as it is at these times I need to have a much richer level of interaction with my applications.

Obviously on this trip interstate I did not pack my 23” monitor, although I would have if I could, so it s the OQO 02 as my main machine and main monitor! So after 48hrs of this type of relationship I am more equipped to comment on this:

  • Screen is too small for late night long hours. As I got to 2am and my 5th hour of normal workflow it is definitely debilitating on the eyes, neck and back.

  • The combination of docking station (even when travelling) and Samsung Q1 keyboard is a must. The mouse I use is cabled (USB) and a great addition for scroll wheel only.

  • The ZOOM feature on the OQO model 02 is Heaven sent.

  • I recommend leaving the OQO screen lifted up and exposing the keyboard for two reasons, i.e. the screen is a little more raised and the keys on the keyboard (especially “show desktop”) becomes very functional.

Just a few quick thoughts as I’m back in Sydney tomorrow and looking forward to seeing my son play soccer! Can you believe they won 10-0 last game?!?!!! I'm meeting fellow MVP and Perth-it, Nick Randolph, for dinner now so gotta run!


randoof said...

I'm very interested in the UMPC scene, and awaiting a bargain that I can snap up (currently looking at a Japanese tabletkiosk to import to UK .. unsure
Anyway, I have often wondered about whether the zoom feature would be present and how effective it would be.
How did you find it? (some more detail than "heaven sent" would be lovely :)
Thanks!! - love the blog and gottabemobile:)

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Hi llol_slim

Thanks for the readership mate and for your support (on both Blogs). WRT to "Heaven Sent" I think I can describe it like this:

On a 5" screen there will always be visual constraints. These constraints are based on our own human limitations (our eyes) and exacerbated by the fact that Windows itself is still not optimised for this screen size. Zoom actually adds two crucial features, i.e. zoom-in and zoom-out. While zoom out is obviously valuable in reading documents that really should be sitting on a bigger screen it is zoom in that becomes uniquely useable. As one zooms in the screen becomes focused like a magnifying glass allowing a user to hover around windows. I have found this useful when reading some PDFs and viewing details on some photos.

On the other side the best feature about zooming out is that when coupled with Office 2007 you can zoom out on the OQO (to get into a higher resolution like 100 x 600), and then zoom into a Word document for example and increase the size of the document and enhance its readability. I was just at dinner and that’s exactly what we did.

I think the reason I like it is that without the zoom the screen would be barely tolerable. Hope this helps a little mate.

Dave (socpsy) said...

Thanks for the interesting information about the OQO screen size. I didn't go the OQO route because of my 50+ year-old
eyes! ;-) I bought a Q1u instead and I think I made the right decision. Still, I really like the form factor of the OQO.

Anonymous said...

In terms of neck and eyes with usage -- do you find the 7 inch screens significantly less strain than 5 inch. I need to decide whether to keep my Q1U or look at 0Q0 (I lean toward keeping).

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Hi Dave,

I think this post might emphasize that fact for you mate. Truly I think that age would not be the real is just too small at as a primary (only) machine for any age mate.

I have had the Q1U for over a week and just love it. It is highly addictive and the QWERTY-iness is slightly useful, in fact useful enough to not be considered rubbish (if that makes sense). The two cameras are a big plus too on the Q1U.

I thank you for your comment sir and wish you well with Q1U. Make sure you pop back in and let me know what works and what doesn't work for you at 50. :-) I think what you can offer is irreplaceable. (We get the 16-25 age group talking often) but you Sir bring a certain coolness. Like my other reader...68 year old Mal who just got an OQO! (Mal you there?)

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Hi Jim,

You know that what you are asking is a subjective question which I can answer with my opinion only. So IMHO the 7" form factor is far more readable, while the 5"one is far more portable. When using the HUGOMETER on myself I realised that mobility and portability was more important than readability. This post is as a result of the fact that readability in certain moments is actually really high on my list of priorities.


Mal said...

Thanks Hugo
.... picked it up this afternoon. Please remember in the following comments, this is my first ever UMPC.
Well ....... just the packaging blows you away. It gives you the feeling that what's inside must be well made.

I've been working with it now for a few hours ..... mainly just trying things and not focusing on the display (and its small size).

With the help of my son-in-law we loaded the movie "Top Gun" just to see how it would run. Sensational! Plugged headphone in and even better.

I then loaded one of my Flight Sims (Lock-On) ..... very power hungry Sim and that played too .... far from perfect, but I didn't mind that as have a PC with SLI GPU's to play my Flight Sims.

The OQO 02 is just super to hold and look at. Seems to have great speed when loading and I found you can turn the image around 180 degrees.

However I would not want to use it even as a secondary computer: Desktop primary; Notebook close secondary; and UMPC (OQO) tertiary.

Its the storage, access and presentation opportunities when on the move that I hope to get with the OQO. When I picked up my OQO today, there was a Q1 Ultra at the location. It looked great, but wasn't small enough for me to fit into my jacket pocket. Its horses for course.
I hope I've picked the right horse for the course.

Just some initial small negatives.

- the spare backup battery bit hard to lock in position.

- wish the burner had a LED light when working.

- wish the AC power supply plugged in the top of the OQO, not the bottom such that the cable sits in your lap

- the 240V plug on the power supply is not for Aussie power points ... sorry guys .... I know I live on the wrong side of the world. LOL

- to charge to batteries away from the OQO, you use the special adaptor. But it doesn't fit securely to the battery and easily falls off.

Well that's it for the moment. Yes my old eyes will be tested, but I've been on my own for a couple of years now, so its great to find something to take to bed with me again ... its no replacement .... but she is beautuful ..... just like my previous bed mate. LOL.

randoof said...

thanks for getting back Hugo, its nice you do that - makes me want to keep reading and responding :)

With regards to the 50 and 68 year olds, I think thats great .. love to hear about all the different age groups using technology!

I'm 23 myself, and I am in the group where the only reason i "need" a umpc is to relieve my addiction of technology.
Maybe one of the safest addictions, but deffinately an exspensive one!!

I am desperately trying to find a way to fund a oqo 2 (any ideas greatly appreciated!!)

Love the info about the zoom (thanks) - i dont think i'd have a problem anyway, my optician tells me my eye sight is very well suited to reading small fine print, i was just interested to hear about it.

Anonymous said...

I think I will go for readability over portability and stay with my Q1U. Several notes on that though--I am 50 and have to wear reading glasses around my neck for everything, Second, I am going into my first UMPC---so I am thrilled with the increased portability already in contrast to a full slate tablet. Lastly, note, I am having to make my impression without the benefit of trying both!!!

randoof said...

well, i can see why, readability is pretty important!!
I like the Q1s but theres just something about oqos that I can't get out of my head.
mind you I have to balance wants with price and from what I can see the Q1s are remarkably cheaper than the oqos so maybe price combined with increased readability might persuade me
Back to Hugo's videos for a comparison!!

Mal said...

Quote: "Lastly, note, I am having to make my impression without the benefit of trying both!!!" - Jim

Yes Jim it was the same for me and may be for most potential UMPC buyers.

That's why Hugo's web page, blogg and videos are just great.

Anonymous said...

mal,I agree, here's to Hugo!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the 40's with glasses, but portability & mobility were my key drivers as I wanted something easy to have tucked away but ready anytime, anywhere.

Readability is fine for me in mobile mode, adequate in couch potato mode, and in dire need of bigger & higher rez screen when it's sit down grind mode but then that is what a docking setup is for. That's why it's important to understand your primary use of this form factor size.

I'm hoping to find the right size portable but grindable screen, BT mouse, & BT compact keyboard for a sit down docking setup for both at home and bundled with the DVD-R docking station in a small slim carry bag to take on trips for those peaceful sit downs plus to appease the wife (LQ) so she can check her email.

Anonymous said...

Some great comments here, I'd like to respond to some here:

llol_slim: I can fell your addiction, I have the same and thats why I got OQO 02. Its great piece of engineering.

now my short-term experience with OQO 02:

Its portable, very portable indeed. Since I've broken my anckle recently and cannot carry anything in my hands while walking (crutches), I became very appreciative of how small the OQO is, and of the belt clip case, because I dont care if it looks weird, it just works for me.

The native resolution is very readable even at some distance, however sometimes when you browse the internet you want to zoom out to get the whole page in. Zooming out once makes the text less readable, but I can still manage. Zooming out twice is not very readable, but helpful when viewing images and other textless stuff.

Inking is good, but I guess for a full inking experience you just need a bigger area. However, I am an inking newbie and have much to explore.

Finally, ever since I got the OQO, I have not touched my laptop or desktop PC. OQO does everything I need really well: e-mails, office, watching movies, surfing the web and even playing some older games (gotta love Fallout on this one, even though everything is a bit too small).

I'm still waiting for my docking station and accessories, but so far OQO has fulfilled all of my expectations (which were quiet high thanks to Hugo's excellent reviews)

Anyways, thats my two cents hope it helps someone


Anonymous said...

Hey Hugo nice setup especially that Keyboard LOL. Hugo you might want to try the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter 8000 Bluetooth mouse it works great. I use it with my Q1P and organizer pack and at times use also the Think Outside BT keyboard on the road; but use the samsung keyboard when I need to type a lot, its a better keyboard. One thing I really like about the OQO is the that it has the keyboard and looks like its easy to type simple and quick emails, and short memo's. I really like my 7" screen on the Q1P and will be waiting for the HTC Shift which I think will be my next UMPC.


Unknown said...

On screen size and UMPCs

I find myself in a similar sitution..I've been on holiday for the last two months and packed the vega as my primary computer to continue/tidy up my thesis. Over this time period I've grown fond the reliability and functionality (though somewhat limited) of this device. I found that the best combination, as you've noted Hugo, is the Samsung keyboard and the attached mouse for scrolling word documents etc. Don't try desktop publishing on such a small screen!! At times like these I wish I had packed my laptop! (sadly I don't have a 23 inch screen:( ) I've also come to appreciate that yes, at times, it is most uncomfortable and a pain to type/focus for prolonged periods of time on such a small screen. All and all, it has been an interesting 2 months (1 more to go!), a thesis under my belt and I've learnt a lot about multi-tasking on such a small device! I think I'll take advantage of what Europe has to offer and try out a couple of other umpcs before heading back to poor isolated New Zealand (or perhaps pick one up from tegatech:)

Dave (socpsy) said...


As you mentioned about the Q1u, the two cameras are a real plus. I didn't think I would use them that much, but in the 3 weeks that I've had the device I've used the back camera quite a few times and I've Skyped using the front camera (not great, but it worked!).

Keep all your great informtion coming. Will we see a video of the Q1U?


Sounds like you're getting along well with that new OQO. If your "old eyes" do well with that 5" screen, I may have to consider adding an OQO to my "to buy" list! :LOL:

Mal said...

Well ..... been at it again .... and my eyes are fine. LOL.

Because I'm such a mad keen Gamer (FSims, Adventure, Space Conquests ....), I've loading various games just to see how the graphics goes on the OQO-02. My son-in-law keeps going at me to set it up with internet access, Office, Quicken, virus protection, firewalls, etc .... FIRST! But that's boring!!! ..... so I just loaded Championship Manager 4 (a soccer 2D strategy game) and Myst 5 (which probably needs no expanation to any Gamer whatever "colour", but for others can be considered one of the greatest series of a first person adventure games ever.

CM4 gave no problems as one would expected running in a 2D environment. Myst 5 somewhat the same, but as in most games the native aspect ratio is 4:3 (eg.800 x 600). OQO is 5:3 (800 x 480) which meant some of the vertical image was not shown on the OQO. The only way I could get to show the full image was by windowing it in the games options. Looked terrible! However setting the game res to 800 x 600 I found I could operate quite successfully just scolling around in the game with the cursor to see the hidden bits.

Oooops! Now I'm starting to get boring .......

Anyway the games graphics looked just great! And even though I had to open Myst 5 in the docking station (it needs to see its CD in the optical drive before loading), I took the OQO out and it ran perfectly ..... even the video clips.

.... now I am boring ....! Better start loading Office 2003. LOL.
More to follow later .... more productive next time .... I've just started with that pen thing .... inking??? ..... is that a miss spelling??? .... thinking .... winking ...

Anonymous said...

the trick with games is that you first get them into window mode and then you zoom out using your zoom out key. I have played some games like this and it works. I've just got the new Sam and Max series on my OQO and it runs fine. In other games I recommend that you look into whether you can setup a custom resolution (usually by editing some configuration file) and set it to 800x480. I will try this with Morrowind on Tuesday.


Mal said...

Thanks P.T. I'll give it a try.

PS Hugo ..... Do I keep posting at this "thread" (like you don't do in a forum) or do start a new thread something? Don't want to encourage any flaming .... LOL

Anonymous said...


I live in oz as well. Where did you "pick up" your oqo2? Is it available for sale?

PS I have a u1, u101, u750, 2 x UX, old libretto, Kohjinsha, IBM PC-110 x 3, jornada, HP 100lx and 200lx.

Love small computers - bought sharp pc-1401 pc-2500 and pc-1600 in the '80s.

Anonymous said...

Mal,just to clarify, I meant "is the OQO2 available for sale in Oz" (not whether yours is for sale).

Mal said...

Yes .... just contact here:

I sure when Hugo checks here he will be in touch. I'm in Melbourne and his retailer here is "Camera Action Camera World". You can't go wrong with Hugo, great guy, very professional business. I was about to order my OQO-02 from USA, until I came across his web site. It would have been cheaper direct from USA but what with import duty, GST, Freight, back up support (possible lack of) buying from Hugo is most worthwhile

(Hugo ... send my commission by cheque to .... LOL).

All the best .....

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...


@Mal: (re. first comment)
Hi mal,

I can’t believe how awesome your whole UMPC thing is going! Not only have you understood that these are companion devices but you’ve gone and placed Top Gun on the device as one of your “first steps”! You totally rock!
I sincerely thank you for leaving such a great comment and thank you for taking the blog as seriously as I do mate. May you and your new found bed companion keep you as happy as all good things in the past and present mate! Stay in touch.
@llol_slim: (re. First comment)
Hi loll-slim,
It sounds like your eyes are in great shape and well looking forward to getting hold of an OQO model 02! I explained the zoom for you and others interested but I could tell that your query was not a decision maker/breaker. I am looking forward to hearing that you’ve got one and would suggest this: “how about you interview Mal and Dave regarding their UMPC tales. Then write it all up nicely and submit it to the New York Times. Get paid for doing this once or twice and you will be well on the way to earning enough money to cover an OQO – and you may find a new carrer too!” LOL.
Hi Jim. Regrettably you and many others will be making buying decisions without ever laying eyes on these devices. It’s for this reason that I come back and answer comments on the blog second only to posting new videos. I believe in creating a supportive environment and videos are a big part of this. I think between the experts, their blogs and your comments, we may make retial browsing a thing fo the past! You’re right on track mate.
@llol_slim: (re. Second comment)
Hi loll_slim,
I can tell that you’re more than hooked mate! Do whatever you can to get one of these as I can tell you’re now losing sleep over the device. LOL (you sound as bad as I do.)
@Mal: (re. Second comment)
Cheers Mal!
Hi MathProfJohnson,
Welcome back. By the way I fully understand that your statement (“another person with more money than common sense”) is meant as the highest compliment payable! I love it!

@Jim: (re. Second comment)
Cheers Jim!
Oh Opus! You made me laugh. I don’t know if it is only geeks or do other folks with hobbies do the same? Are we not all charming and sweet when it comes to converting the unconverted, i.e. husbands and wives! LOL. I love you idea of the Ultimate travel kit! It rocks!
Hi P.T,
Thank you so much for contributing you thoughts here. I am sorry for the ankle (not that it was me) and hope you get better soon.  Like you, I have not returned to another machine other than the OQO. It ticks so many boxes and also lie you no matter what Rob Bushway or anyone thinks I believe the belt clip case it totally FUNctional.
Nice to hear from you.
So you will be a SHIFT-er too? It is interesting to hear you say that. Is it the Keyboard/Device combo that you think will work for you? I find it intriguing that so many folks are chasing the Shift and yet there is so much we do not know. Admittedly I have not used the 8000 BT mouse (and had not heard of it either). When I found it using Google I must admit that it looked very appealing indeed with all the clever buttons! It could almost be a UMPC with the amount of functions it has! LOL.
Hi Wes,
You’re a star mate! 2 months on Vega only must place you as a leading edge gadgeteer. I thought I was bad! (I mean that in a nice way!) You really should post more thoughts about the Vega and your multi-tasking experiences. I am a believer that you get better at Multi-tasking when reverting back to simple/smaller hardware. Good luck with your Thesis and let me know if you want to buy again! I’ll make sure you’re well looked after in NZ.
@Dave (socpsy)
Hi Dave,
How good is this thread?!/! So much rich interaction ! Well done UberTablet Family!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the confirmation regarding the two cameras! I think they are well underestimated as both fun and FUNctional! I too have been using them a lot. I even video conference recently using WENGO! (more on that later)

@Mal: (comment number three)
You son-in-law must be finding it hard to sit still. With your excitement and his commitment to all things “office” I think by the time you finish gaming he may well be asleep on the couch! LOL.
Now about that inking thing! Get OneNote on the device if nothing else. At least it will allow you to search your handwritten notes (when you eventually get round to inputting any! LOL)

@P.T: (second comment)
Great feedback to Mal mate! Let us know how you go on Tuesday!
@Mal: (lost count)
LOL! POST HERE!!!! I’m loving this... “Ubertablet: A Tablet PC Talk Spot!”Remember!
WOW – you are a total gadget freak and pale a lot of us into insignificance! Good work!
@Anonymous (second comment)
LOL. I thought you were asking Mal for his device too! LOL.
@Mal: (whatever)
Good work mate!

Don Lipper said...

At the risk of turning you into a total geek (am I too late already?) have you (or any of the readers) ever tried a headmounted display like the myvu glasses ( or something similar to get around the OQO's small screen size? Does anyone know if you can use such glasses for a full day's computing without going blind or postal?
Thanks, Don

Big D said...

I'm the proud owner of a VAIO UX380 and I was already sliding up the screen when docked and using it as my primary monitor. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes. The UX is very similar in features and dimensions to the OQO. Thanks Hugo for all your great work.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

HAHAH Don Lipper!

You made me laugh. These glasses rock. In fact I tried them about 10 weeks back but never thought of them as a solution to the OQO screen size issues. I do remember feeling far too "virtual" for my own liking so I imagine a full days work is our of the question. But at bedt time, these would great.

Does any one have any feedback about using these as your primary screen! LOL.

Good work Don.

Chuck said...

@Don - the myvu is only QVGA (320x240). I would sugest the icuiti VR920 which is at least VGA (640x480). Don't know if you can use them all day long, but they should make movie viewing great!

Don Lipper said...

Chuck thanks for the heads up about icuiti. ;-) FYI, here's what the icuiti folks said when I asked them about using the VR920 as a primary monitor all day long:

"Yes, it is actually possible to use this as a primary monitor. One of the software engineers here actually has gotten rid of his monitor to save desk space, and all he uses is the VR920. The only thing that you would have to keep in mind when using it is that while it accepts resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768, 800x600 gives you the best balance of desktop real estate and clarity. The scaling method that we use results in blurring of some text when you use 1024x768, so it could become tiring to try and spend a whole day working at that resolution."

Hugo, I smell a product review on this.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

LOL. Between you (Don) and Chuck, you have almost done a complete review any way! No need for ma to get involved here. LOL.

Keep up the great work Team UberTablet.

Dave Haupert said...

I had to watch my kids yesterday while my wife took one of them to the doctor. This is precisely why I bought the oqo- so I wouldn't lose a day or a few hours work each time this happens (it's fairly often with 4 kids!). And using a docking station or whatever is not very practical as we're moving about the house all day as the toddlers run about. If I could dock, I'd just use my 15" sony laptop which is what I used to try to do.

I had to answer about 30 tech support emails which are pretty lengthy replies, and decided to try doing it all on the oqo using the keyboard and screen. I'll admit, it wasn't all fun to type out that many emails, but it was doable and I found the screen size to be the lesser of the two limitations. My eyes do get tired looking at the small screen, but rather than use the zoom, I just upped the font size in my browser so the text is much more readable!

BTW, I'm not a fan (yet) of the concept of inking, so I bought the oqo precisely because of it's keyboard. I have to spend a little more time experimenting with the ink stuff, but what little I tried I did not enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I've looked everywhere, and have utterly failed to figure out where one can set the 'processor speed' (not fan speed) on the OQO-02 under Windows XP Tablet. Can you help?

Anonymous said...

hi Hugo,
I will receive my OQO 2 next week (to join my Fujitsu U8240 & Vaio UX180P).I was wondering if you've had the chance to try the Origami package on the Vista-Oqo? If so, how was it?
Thanks in advance mate!


Anonymous said...

I have the Icuiti display currently in use with an OQO2. It works well, but would be very hard to work a full day I would think. One issue I had, is that I can't seem to access the advanced tab on my display settings to check refresh rates, etc. The box is grayed out on me so I can't verify that I am using the 60hz setting as recommended. Anyone know a way around this?

The Icuiti set up is ideal for movies and other media. I had it displaying my Sling content over the OQO with no problems at all.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Hi Matt,

Good to hear from you mate. With regards to your query I think you can access it via the Display settings in the Control Panel. Is this possible for you?

What about in yur TaskBar? Do you have an icon there? Normally the Graphics cards embed a icon there for you to use.You can right-click and chang settings from there.

Let me know how you go!

WRt the Icuiti I had some other readers tel me the same thing. They are loving it!

Paul V said...

Hugo, see my feedback on the OQO on my site:

Thanks again. There are a few people that are very envious of me, so you might make a few more sales shortly.



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